Why Your Skills Need to Get Groovy

If you are a developer thinking of growing your skill set, it might be time to think about getting Groovy. The programming language Groovy has been steadily gaining in popularity over the last year, moving from 49th to 19th place in TIOBE index rankings of the world’s most popular languages. If you’re ready to diversify your language portfolio, here are some good reasons to focus on Groovy.

Groovy Simplifies Unit and Automated Testing

Tools in the Groovy ecosystem such as Spock Framework make writing unit tests and specifications much more simple and even enjoyable. Users like its simplicity, readability and powerful library that integrates with any Java-based project. Geb is another tool that makes E2E test scenarios extremely simple and is extremely user-friendly, especially for beginners.

Groovy Can Boost Productivity

Developers who like to experiment can simply write a Groovy script, use @Grab annotation and get to work without much difficulty. It has options for people who rely on type interfaces and metaprogramming. It also has options for static compilation and type checking to instruct Groovy compilers to produce bytecode that is similar to Java. It also allows developers to eliminate bulky boilerplate code and focus only on what matters in a specific project.

Groovy Is Still Growing

Groovy made its debut nearly 15 years ago, but it is still actively developed, and its most recent iterations are fueling its resurgence. The 3.0.0 release dropped support for older JDK versions and introduced new and improved features. The Groovy community is strong and welcomes newbies openly, offering support in community Slack and Stack Overflow forums. Right now, Groovy is one of the most downloaded libraries in the Java ecosystem, boasting 23 million downloads over a single quarter in late 2018.

Groovy Is Simple To Learn

If you know Java, you can learn Groovy in no time flat. It is built on Java standard libraries and provides extra features that tend to make programming much simpler. It is a great way to add on to your existing skill set without getting too complex.

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