Why Transformational Leadership Will Grow Your Business in 2019

The success of any business really depends on the success of its leadership. In a rapidly-changing marketplace, many are touting the benefits of transformational leadership as a means to ensure the business remains agile and competitive. Can transformational leadership help your business grow in 2019?

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is often contrasted with transactional leadership. Transactional leaders follow a “traditional” model of goals setting and strategizing paths to achieve those goals. Transformational leaders, on the other hand, focus on reframing the future for change. There is nothing inherently wrong with transactional leadership – in fact, during times of stability it is often preferred – but transformational leadership is often the right approach when an organization is looking to grow or change in significant ways.

How Transformational Leadership can Facilitate Growth

Transformational leaders can help businesses in any stage change and grow, invigorating the company and its people in a number of ways:

  • As the label suggests, transformational leaders are focused on transforming themselves, their people and the business.
  • Transformational leaders put the needs of the business first and focus on doing what is right for the organization, even if it means they may no longer be needed.
  • Transformational leaders embrace disruption as a change-agent, viewing it as constructive rather than destructive.
  • Chaotic environments do not deter transformational leaders. They see times of change and uncertainty as opportunities to implement new ideas, innovations and processes.
  • Making the team and the business look good is far more important to a transformational leader than making themselves look good.
  • Transformational leaders embrace evaluation and feedback viewing these tools as a means to measure ongoing success and re-calibrate approaches when necessary to stay on track to achieve goals.
  • Rather than ignoring weaknesses in themselves, the team or the organization, transformational leaders seek to bring those weaknesses into the open and develop strategies to overcome them.

Transformational leaders can be critical for growth for one simple reason.  The status quo is meant to be broken in the mind of a transformational leader. Growth and change cannot occur if the business continues to work inside its comfort zone, and transformational leaders are willing to take up the mantle to inspire teams to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve strategic goals.

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