What Issues are Making Tech Leaders Anxious?

There was a time when all CIOs had to worry about was whether networks were kept running smoothly. Now, they are tasked with a key strategic function of business, and as technology continues to evolve, so do CIOs’ anxieties. These are just some of the issues that are currently making tech leaders anxious.

Evolving Security Threats

Technology moves quickly, but it often feels like hackers move even faster. Currently, there is a looming threat that hackers will use AI-based strategies to “learn” how companies are protecting data and tech leaders must be ready to proactively counter such strikes.

Data Collection

GDPR has turned data collection on its ear, and even Google recently had to navigate a tussle with the French government over its data collection practices. On American soil, the consensus is that similar regulations are on the horizon, so companies that failed to update practices based on GDPR could struggle. However, it can be difficult for CIOs to get buy-in from other execs who don’t see data collection practices as a problem until they are forced by the US government to examine it.

Digital Transformation And Innovation

Tech leaders know that they have to speed up digital transformation or risk falling behind, but like data collection, other members of the C-Suite often do not buy into the value of working proactively. CIOs want to move from project-based funding to value stream-based funding, but they are getting pushback despite sounding the alarm that innovation and digital transformation must be a priority.

Lack of Agility

For so long, CIOs have been asked to cobble together solutions when it comes to interoperability and integration of technologies. They have also been asked to rely on waterfall methods of development, incorporating some aspects of agile methodologies, but not adopting a process that allows for agility. Now, those piecemeal approaches are catching up to organizations. CIOs are struggling to make the changes they need to give their companies the flexibility and agility to remain competitive.

Skill Gaps

The tech skill gap is not new – but it continues to grow. However, despite the reality that has been facing the industry for years, many companies have not adjusted their hiring practices or their internal training and development practices to develop real solutions. This widening gap is causing many CIOs to lose sleep, because skill gaps lead to personnel gaps and personnel gaps lead to burnout and turnover. Many tech leaders feel like they are continually putting out staffing fires and slapping band-aids on gaping wounds, rather than focusing on strategic initiatives.

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