War for IT Talent

The War For IT Talent Rages On In 2016

The war for IT talent has become intense over the last several years and 2016 will be no different. In fact, hiring managers should brace themselves for the war to intensify this year.  Demand for high-level skills is climbing and the skill gap is widening. Only companies who are willing and able to take new approaches to recruiting can hope to emerge victorious.

Why Traditional IT Recruiting Models Are Failing You

Post a job. Collect resumes. Pray for a match. 

Is it any wonder why this archaic method of recruiting fails hiring teams tasked with seeking top-level tech talent? There are myriad problems with this model. First and foremost, it keeps hiring managers focused on a narrow set of skills. Today’s IT professionals hold a variety of skills and many have diverse work experience. Traditional resume screening methods do not paint a full picture of a candidate’s portfolio and strengths.

Hiring teams that still rely on this method also fail to consider the fact that true IT talents are not scanning job boards for positions. They are busy posting on forums, working their LinkedIn network, developing Open Source projects and attending programming events to showcase their skills and meet people who can impact their careers. Sitting at a desk waiting for the ideal candidate to appear is never going to get you the result you desire. If you want to connect with the talent you need, you’ve got to move to fertile ground.

Your Ideal Candidate Could Be Right Under Your Nose

To cultivate a pipeline of talent who works well with the existing team, possesses the precise skills you are looking for and has bought into the company mission and values, look no further than your existing team. Forward-thinking companies are focusing more effort on developing talent from within, grooming high-potential employees for their next step up the ladder.

IT professionals want to continue growing their skills, and they are far more likely to stay loyal to a company that supports their goals by offering tuition reimbursement, skill development and a clear-cut path to growth. Focusing on long-term development ensures that IT leadership always has access to the skills they want and need, and it also helps to safeguard against turnover. Happy employees can’t be poached by the competition.

This is not a cure-all, and there will always be positions that can and do require outside searches to inject new life into a tech team. However, by focusing on developing your existing talent pool, you can approach those searches with better focus and a stronger understanding of the skills you need to round out your team.

What Do you Bring To The Table?

If you are always focused on what your IT employees can do for you with little regard what you can do for them, you’ll struggle to win and keep talent. While every candidate will have his or her own unique priorities, in general, today’s tech talent wants:

  • A competitive compensation package.
  • Opportunities for career growth and development.
  • To work for a company whose values that align with their own.
  • The chance to make an impact in the company’s pursuit of its mission and goals.
  • The ability to innovate and the freedom to make decisions.
  • Strong work-life balance.

Happiness on the job is a two-way street. Employees must hold up their end of the bargain, but so must companies. Firms that can demonstrate that they will deliver these priorities will have the best chance of winning the war for IT talent in 2016.

Creating winning tech recruiting strategies takes time, effort and resources. Every minute spent searching resumes on a job board means losing out on top talent. If you want to connect with highly skilled technology professionals who will help drive your business forward this year, put a true expert in your corner. The award-winning team of staffing professionals at Talon can help find the talent that you need to make your company thrive. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you develop a strategy for success.


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