The War for IT Talent: What We Can Learn From The Olympics

If you have recently participated in watching the swimming events at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, you may find yourself in awe of how incredibly competitive it is.  After all, it’s the Olympics and the best athletes in the world have earned their way. To get there, each athlete had to go through years of training and compete on the national level for the chance to represent their country.  What is extremely mind boggling is the time difference between first place and eighth place was a total of 1.25 seconds.  The difference between Gold, Silver, and Bronze is tenths of a second.  The attention to detail, along with the process of training and dedication, changes these individual’s lives forever.

The competition for IT talent is as arguably as fierce as winning the 200-meter freestyle.  The winners in the competition for top talent, along with retaining that talent, will be the organizations that follow a very detailed process; never compromising on all the little things that will make for successfully placing an IT rockstar.  

It is not just a thorough screening process that will help an organization obtain great IT talent, but there are a multitude of other details that are extremely pressing during this process. The key steps that an organization must follow in order to obtain top IT talent include, but are not limited to, the following…

  1. The Job Requisition Call – The goal of this requisition call is to provide the client company with detailed market data to better set the expectation for the likelihood that the requisition will be filled.
  2. The Right to Represent – This agreement must be obtained from the candidate. During this exchange, the candidates are also notified that their background is being presented to a client company.
  3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – All candidate profiles are presented using professionally prepared profile documents.
  4. Opportunity Overviews – Each candidate is provided a detailed profile of the company along with project details.
  5. First Day Walk-In – Candidates are walked in and introduced by a staffing firm representative for the first interview and first day of the project.
  6. Collect References – References are completed and presented, in detail, using a series of situational and behavioral questions.

When using an IT service firm to assist in staffing your critical IT initiatives, an organization should require excellence.  These key steps will be evident in the track record of any trustworthy IT staffing firm.  When the details are being passed over, then you are settling for less and you will not be associating with champions.


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