The Top Ten Skills You Need to Find an IT Job This Year

If you’ve got tech skills it’s easy to find a job, right?  Not necessarily. Despite the fact that IT boasts the lowest levels of unemployment than nearly any other sector at just 2%, Computerworld reports that anywhere from 500,000 to two million tech jobs go unfilled each year. Besides, it not enough to simply “have a job in IT.” Tech pros want good jobs with great companies. If you want to find an amazing IT job this year, these are the skills you should focus on, according to recent industry data.

One: Python

Ideal for general use, Python has been around since the early 1990’s but has experienced a marked rise in popularity over the last several years. Python has become virtually synonymous with big data, and it always tops global rankings of programming languages.

Two: Java

Though it too is over 20 years old, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages today. It is lauded for its practicality, compatibility, scalability, adaptability, and it is the language that powers Android devices.

Three: Cloud Services

Cloud services are about delivering shared computing power and infrastructure on demand, allowing for the creation and maintenance of cloud applications that can quickly deploy and scale. The cloud is expanding at breakneck speed, and cloud services skills are in high demand.

Four: Linux

Like several other skills listed on this list, Linux is over two decades old, but it powers some of the most modern and innovative websites on the market today. Linux was built under the open source model of development and is one of the most popular operating systems for open source programmers, developers and engineers.

Five: JavaScript

JavaScript is a computer programming language for scripting interactive effects inside web browsers. It has been said that there are more lines of JavaScript written each day than any other programming language and nearly 88% of all websites utilize JavaScript.

Six: SQL

SQL is the standard language of databases, which have become much more complex and massive thanks to big data. As long as there are databases, there will be a need for people with SQL skills.

Seven: Matlab

Matlab can trace its roots back to the 1970’s but it has become extremely popular again in recent years, with as many as 2 million active users STEM fields. Big data has been one of the biggest drivers of the resurgence of Matlab.

Eight: HTML

Every single website and many apps use HTML to define page content. If you want to put something online, HTML is required, making it a must-have skill across the board.

Nine: Perl

Perl is a data extraction language that is popular in legacy systems and code, and many companies need people who are well versed in Perl. Perl is also an integral part of Unix system administration, networking prototyping and security.

Ten:  Go

Go was started by a small team at Google as an attempt manage the challenges of such a large organization.  Go code is simple, making it easy to understand and maintain. At the same time, Go can incorporate powerful features for the development of sophisticated applications.

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