How to Reduce IT Spending in 2017

As organizations become more dependent on big data and technology, and more resources are funneled into keeping systems secure, IT budgets have become difficult to manage. While agility, efficiency, and asset management are the most common ways to control IT spending, there is another line item that tech leaders should focus on: salary costs. IT wages have skyrocketed in response to an increased demand for high-level skills, and many companies chalk this up to the cost of doing business. However, you can reduce spending without sacrificing the quality of professionals working on your systems and projects.

Control IT Salaries Without Sacrificing Quality

The tech sector is no stranger to the world of contingent labor. IT contractors and consultants became incredibly important during The Great Recession, but as budgets loosened, managers went back to focusing on building full-time teams. Given the current market, many companies – especially smaller and medium-sized businesses – are losing talent wars based on salary. When you can’t pay for the talent you need to keep your systems running and protected, you cannot focus on innovation or driving business strategy.

Consultants and contractors can bridge this gap, giving you access to high-level talent on a short-term basis, connecting you with the skills you need precisely when you need them. Working with contractors and consultants controls the cost of benefits and insurance, and allows IT teams to more accurately budget for individual projects.

The Challenges of Contingent Labor

However, hiring contingent tech pros can be a hurdle for many companies. It can be a challenge to keep projects fully staffed. It always seems that when you find a great contractor, they aren’t available when you need them, and when someone is available at the right time, they may not necessarily have the skills and experience you require.

If you can’t find skilled, reliable and vetted IT contractors and consultants when you need them, your budgets will remain out of whack. Candidate searches cost money, and if the hiring team is constantly spinning its wheels looking for talent, you’re essentially throwing money out the window.

Partner With a Market Leader

If you want to tap into a robust network of IT consultants and contractors who meet your needs, and you want those professionals to be available when you need them, partner with a strategic recruiting firm that has a proven track record of success with contingent professionals.

Expert tech recruiters spend years building strong relationships with rockstar professionals who have left the “traditional” job market in favor of short-term contracting. These pros enjoy the flexibility that comes with contract work, and that they can focus their energy using their favorite skills. When you partner with a recruiting firm, you shorten the time to hire and improve matches, as they approach contracts with the same meticulous eye for fit as they do full-time placements.

If you are ready to control your IT budget and get salary costs in line by working with contractors, partner with the award-winning team at Talon. Contact us today to learn about our proven track record of success and discover the ways in which we can help you achieve your goals.


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