Three Ways to Find the Most Effective IT Recruiter for You

An IT job search can almost be like taking on a career.  It takes hours a day to research potential openings, apply, return phone calls, etc., often to come up empty handed. That’s in addition to spending time networking, boosting your presence on LinkedIn and building your brand as an IT professional. An effective way to shorten an IT job search and increase chances of success is to work with a recruiter. However, not all recruiters are the same. Use these tips to help you find the most effective IT recruiter for you.


Do They Work In Your Area of Expertise?

Many firms and recruiters position themselves as “IT experts,” but IT is a vast field. A recruiter might have long track record of placing developers, for example, but that particular recruiter may not be of much help to you if you are an analyst in the big data field.  In your first meeting with a potential recruiter, make sure to ask about his or her experience in your area of focus and don’t be afraid to ask for case studies or references. Great recruiters will have a portfolio of successful placements and should be happy to share.


What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Sometimes your gut feeling is worth listening to. If you have nagging feelings that a recruiter isn’t for you, move on. Watch for red flags like arriving late to meetings, failing to follow up in a timely fashion, or providing evasive answers to your questions. If the recruiter makes you feel like you are a priority, if they want to learn about your unique experience and goals and if they are honest when setting expectations, treat those as good signs.

Also be wary of recruiters that simply don’t ask questions about you.  If they are more interested in sending you on an interview than learning what you really want from your next career move, they aren’t a true recruiter, they are just an order-taker, filling positions with any warm body they can find. Take time to find someone who truly wants to match you up with your ideal position at your ideal employer.  


Does It Sound Too Good To Be True?

An effective recruiter knows the value of honesty. In order to succeed, they have to make successful matches between their clients and their candidates and that means being up front about the positives and the negatives of a potential opportunity.  If a recruiter presents every job as if it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, be wary.

Good recruiters will present the position objectively, discussing the responsibilities of the role, but also company culture, the attributes the client is looking for in a candidate and their assessment of how well the opportunity matches up to your goals. They should also be willing to address your questions openly.  Not every job will be a match, and good recruiters know that. If every opening sounds too good to be true, or if pertinent details are kept hidden from you, the recruiter may be holding things back.


If you are an experienced IT professional looking to take the next step in your career, partner with the tech recruiting experts at Talon today. Contact us today to learn more about our track record and our commitment to your success.


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