These 4 Careers are at The Top of the List to Be Replaced by AI

AI adoption in business has been on the rise, especially over the last five years. Currently, AI tends to handle lower-level, mundane functions and enhances the work of humans, rather than replacing them. However, AI will take over many human-held jobs in the future, and there are few fields that will go unscathed. This includes the tech sector. While most tech jobs will likely remain safe, there are a few job titles that could be impacted in the not-so-distant-future.

1. Help Desk

Bots have already begun to handle the early stages of help desk interactions to efficiently triage problems. However, companies have been investing in innovations that will keep bots engaged with users for longer. The goal is to provide assistance through human-like speech and empathy, that can handle at least Level 1 issues without every connecting the user to a human. There will likely always be a need for help desk pros to handle complex issues, but the more advanced bots become, the fewer agents a help desk will require.

2. Programmers

Robots that reject their programmers as they learn to program themselves is a common theme in science fiction plots. However, that fiction is rooted in reality. While programming demands creativity, contextual awareness and intuition, the vast majority of programming is routine, which makes it ripe for automation. As AI gets “smarter” the more complex processes it can tackle. Programmers that want to get out ahead of this trend should begin building skills in other areas like AI development, leadership and strategy.

3. Data Center Admins

There was a time when data centers required a full team of administrators to manage servers. However, automation has taken over many of the functions humans have handled for so long. Today, a single administrator can manage thousands of servers through robust software, and as those programs continue to improve, the needs for human admins will continue to dwindle.  Current admins with an eye on the future would be served well to build their skills in other areas.

4. Data Analysts

Experts don’t believe that AI will take over data analysis any time soon, but enhanced machine learning could begin taking over specific functions of an analyst’s job sooner rather than later. It’s likely that the market will see smarter tools that could replace humans at smaller organizations that don’t operate highly complex big data systems.

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