The Right Way for Tech Pros to Negotiate a Higher Salary

When it comes to negotiating salary, most tech pros fall into one of two categories. They either cringe at the thought of negotiating an offer, or they come out swinging with a crazy counter offer. The fact is, there is nothing wrong with negotiating salary when offered a job, in fact – it’s important to do so. Failing to negotiate can cost you up to a million dollars in lifetime earnings. However, you don’t want to be so aggressive that you turn off your new employer. Use these strategies to negotiate a higher salary the right way.

Know Your Value

Everyone wants to be paid what they are worth, but your opinion of your value isn’t necessarily the same as your actual market value. Spend time researching what people with your job title and experience make in your geographic region.

Talk About Salary During The Hiring Process

It is a waste of your time and the hiring manager’s time if you discover they are simply unable or unwilling to pay you within your desired range. Make sure to ask about salary during the process so you can get a feel for the range before the offer stage.

Negotiate Early

Don’t sit on an offer until the last day and then attempt to negotiate salary. If you get an offer and you feel you’re justifiably worth more, start negotiations right away. First and foremost, it shows your eagerness for the role and that you are legitimately considering acceptance. Second, it prevents you from stirring up negative feelings with the hiring manager. Waiting to negotiate until the last second puts the company in a bad spot, because they may have other candidates waiting for a reply and it could force them into a position where they are unwilling to negotiate or even consider retracting their offer.

Weigh Benefits and Perks

Benefits and perks do have monetary value. If a company is willing to pay 100 percent of your health insurance, or if they are offering extensive PTO, those things have value as do equity, parental leave, flex time, signing bonuses, development opportunities, etc. Tally up those values and add them to your salary offer to determine total package value and to begin negotiations with an accurate picture.

Work With a Tech Recruiter Like the Experts at Talon

One of the best ways to ensure you get paid what you are worth is to work with a recruiter. You’ll have salary conversations up front, before you even go on an interview, and they will help you negotiate a lucrative package. If you’re ready to start earning what you are worth, contact the expert tech recruiters at Talon today.

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