Which Tech Positions are Managers Looking for This Year?

According to a recent survey by TechRepublic, 50% of CIOs are planning to expand their workforce in 2018. They will be seeking out professionals at all levels and with a variety of skills, but these are some of the most popular openings you’ll find in the coming year.

Support Desk Technicians

Companies can’t remain competitive if their customers don’t get tech support when they need it. Efficient and effective help desks are absolutely critical for any company that produces technology. Support can be a great entry into the tech field for recent graduates who aren’t quite sure where they want to specialize yet. There is also now a clear career path within tech support. Since systems are more complex, it is necessary to employ support staff with highly developed skills for Tier 3 problems and up.

Business Intelligence Analysts

If you’ve ever thought about breaking into the BI sector, now is the time to start thinking about making your move. BI analysts need to understand data needs, but they also need to be able to communicate those needs to stakeholders who aren’t always tech-savvy. These roles are growing at a rapid pace, as AI and IoT are driving more data collection than ever before.

Data Scientists

The demand for data scientists isn’t slowing any time soon. While BI analysts get more involved with the business-side of BI, data scientists are more immersed the gathering, processing and analysis of the data.  There is a massive skill gap in data science, as most positions require at least a Master’s degree. Tech professionals who hold an advanced degree, who have programming skills and strong analytical skills will do well in the 2018 market.

Database Developers

Companies are in desperate need of database developers who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.  SQL skills have been at the top of annual “most popular skills lists” for nearly a decade and the field shows no signs of slowing in terms of job growth.

Data Security Administrators

Collecting and analyzing data is important, but it means nothing if a company can’t keep data safe. In the wake of WannaCry and the Equifax breach, companies are extremely sensitive to just how critical security truly is. Data security administrators and other information security professionals will continue to be in high demand throughout 2018 and beyond.

Network Administrators

Companies must be able to rely on their systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Network administrators play a key role in handling LAN/WAN protocols, hardware and software. When a network problem arises, it is up to network admins to get things back on track as quickly as possible. Because systems continue to grow in size, the market for admins will also continue to expand.

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