Where are Tech Jobs Experiencing the Most Growth?

Every HR team and tech leader know that the IT workforce is in a continual state of rapid evolution. Just when you think you’ve got your salary and staffing resources allocated effectively, the ground moves beneath your feet, making it difficult to strategize, budget and plan staffing decisions. To help you get a handle on what’s coming in the near future, here is a look at the tech jobs experiencing the most growth in terms of demand and salary, so you know where you’ll likely be investing more time and more money in the coming years.

Information Security

The more business relies on technology, the more valuable hacking becomes on the black market. However, companies also must guard against internal threats, many of which are unintentional. The field is expected to grow 18% over the next seven years, and as demand grows, so will average salaries which are currently averaging:

  • $78,478 for Information Security Administrators
  • $88,978 for System/Application Security Analysts
  • $118,030 for Information Security Managers

Managed Services and Project Management

Projects are becoming more and more complex and it will take experienced, talented managed services professionals and project managers to ensure success. Employment is expected to rise 15% by 2024 in this sector. As it stands today, average salaries in some of the most popular jobs are:

  • Business Process Consultant: $109,717
  • Entry-level IT Project Manager: $95,165
  • Senior IT Project Manager: $112,229

Healthcare IT

Through 2014, the healthcare IT sector is expected to experience 15% growth. Thanks to the rise of electronic health records and the ever-increasing connectivity of medical devices to the internet, it has never been more important to keep systems up and running, keep data flowing, and keep everything secure.  Salaries are expected to rise as well from their current average starting points of:

  • $75,802 for Ambulatory Systems Analyst
  • $86,373 for Clinical Systems Analyst
  • $110,207 for Health Information Management Project Manager


As systems become more complex, talented analysts will be required to design and maintain those systems. Demand for analysts is expected to grow 21% through 2024, as is salary. Some average current salaries to note:

  • Change Management Specialists: $130,692
  • Entry-Level Application Systems Analyst: $58,640
  • Senior Application Systems Analyst: $119,722

Web Development

People and businesses rely on the internet for almost every aspect of their work and personal lives. Therefore, they demand to see fast, easy-to-navigate websites that allow them to find what they need and do what they want as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that the demand for web developers is expected to grow by 27% over the next several years, as will salaries which currently average:

  • Web Interface Design Director: $163,068
  • Web Application Developer: $69,359
  • Senior Web Software Developer: $95,053

Database Administration

Big data needs a place to be stored, and those databases need to be developed, maintained, structured and analyzed by talented administrators and data scientists. Through 2024, database administration is expected to grow 11%, and salaries are also expected to rise from their current averages of:

  • $101,276 for Big Data Engineers
  • $114,453 for Data Scientists
  • $112,222 for Database Administrators

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