Where is the Tech Industry Headed in 2018?

Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the major trends we saw in the past year and how those trends will shape the tech landscape in 2018.  These are some of the most important trends you should keep an eye on as we head into the new year.

AI Is Everywhere

It seems like every enterprise technology is suddenly overflowing with artificial intelligence capabilities. However, many of these claims are much more hype than reality. Everyone wants to ride the AI wave, and AI-washing – touting anything close to artificial intelligence as actual AI –  will be a major trend this year. It will be critical to evaluate new technologies carefully to ensure you’re getting the capabilities you want and need, and that the technology that claims to be AI is actually delivering insights you couldn’t find on your own.

Servers Are Making A Triumphant Comeback

Now that nearly everyone has migrated to the cloud, the era of servers is dead, right? Not so much. Thanks to the Internet of Things, networking, storage and computing needs much more power than the cloud can provide. Servers will be required to shuttle data back and forth when analytics are needed quickly. Major companies like HP and Dell are gearing up to take advantage of this ironic twist in the coming year.

Data Is Becoming More Valuable Than Products Themselves

We have now reached an era when the data that companies like GE and LG collect are more valuable than the hardware they sell. Companies with diverse data sets will be able to beat their competition by using data to personalize everything from marketing to product assortments.

For example, Home Depot’s strategies across all areas are almost all driven by data. They are now using weather reports to trigger specific ads, and they are using customer data on a store level to understand the communities they operate in. From there, they are designing stores according to the needs of those communities and neighborhoods.

Security of Partner Organizations Will Be a Major Priority

From SaaS to PaaS to XaaS, it seems like businesses buy everything-as-a-service. While these products can make the organization more efficient and more effective, there is significant risk that comes with outsourcing to third parties. It will be more critical than ever before to vet the information security practices of every supplier your company engages with before signing a contract.

Keep Your Organization On Trend With Top Tech Talent

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