Take Your Tech Resume to the Next Level With These Tips

Your resume should serve one purpose and one purpose only: To make the hiring manager say, “We NEED to talk to this candidate!” But you can’t knock the socks off of a hiring manager if you don’t take the time to craft a superb document that tells your story and leaves them wanting more. Stop settling for a generic resume that looks and sounds like everyone else’s and take your tech resume to the next level with these tips.

Target Your Resume To The Employer

Generic resumes will put your application on the fast track to the proverbial circular file. Show that you read the posting closely, researched the organization and that you’re passionate about the opportunity by tailoring your resume to the job. Speak directly to the skills and requirements they list, and focus on achievements that align with the listed goals for the position.

Focus on Achievements, Not Tasks

Most tech pros make the mistake of listing tasks in their experience section. Hiring managers don’t need to know what was on your daily to-do-list – they can glean your responsibilities from your job title. They really want to know the value you brought to the table. Spell out your achievements and quantify them with verifiable data whenever possible to prove your case that you are a valuable contributor. Don’t just say that you “developed software applications.” Find your angle. Say, “Developed XYZ software application that reduced costs by 10 percent.”

Create A Summary And A Skills Section

Hiring managers are pressed for time and they will scan your resume looking for critical information long before they ever give it a close read. Use the space you’d normally use for an objective to create a short summary. It should be a few sentences or bullet points that summarize why you are the best fit for the position.

After your summary, create a “Relevant Skills” section that lists all of the technical qualifications you have that are relevant to the role. You can add a few that are not listed in the job description to show how well-rounded you are, but leave out any outdated or irrelevant skills. This section helps the hiring manager see your skills-at-a-glance to determine your fitness as a candidate.

Be Concise

Hiring managers don’t have time to read a five-page document in detail. Yes, your resume should tell your story, but you must master the art of detailed brevity. This means combing through your resume and taking out irrelevant or outdated skills, removing old jobs that have nothing to do with the path you’re on today, and minimizing your education section as you move further through your career. Do your best to showcase your most relevant skills and experience and keep the document from one to three pages max.

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