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More Sophisticated Mobile Apps Will Increase Your Need for Top Mobile Developers

We are living in one of the most exciting periods in all of human history. Technology is moving at a pace we’ve never seen before, as most people in the developed world (and many in emerging markets) walk around with a supercomputer in their pocket. Our business and personal lives have gone mobile, and applications are becoming more sophisticated every day. Here’s what you need to know in order to keep your apps competitive in the coming year.


Building Relationships Through Artificial Intelligence

We’ve been hearing about the rise of artificial intelligence for a while now, but AI is already here in the form of Siri, Cortana and self-driving cars. The key to earning and keeping customers in the modern era is personalization. Forming actual customer relationships is possible with AI technology that learns a user’s behavior and can provide a highly unique experience based on individual preferences.


Security, Security, Security

As technology has advanced, so have the tactics used to hack that technology. Systems are under constant threat of attack, and it will be critical for all members of an app development team to have advanced security skills. Companies that fail to protect their users will suffer fractured relationships and damaged public relations.


Greater Reliance on GPS

Location-tracking functionality is becoming increasingly popular – and important – in the development of truly useful mobile applications. Everything from games to applications related to the Internet of Things (IoT) will require reliance on accurate GPS technology.  Teams will have to walk a fine line between convenience and privacy, even if GPS tracking makes the app more useful.


The IoT Goes Mobile

There is tremendous room for growth and innovation in the IoT in the mobile space. More and more devices come with supplemental applications to help users get the most from their experience. All industries are getting on board the IoT train, from healthcare to the energy sector to security, and developers must know how to leverage IoT.


The Rise of the Enterprise Application

Business is more mobile than ever before, and customers want to get the most from their cloud technologies. This means that providers must offer mobile applications that allow users to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere. Software providers that don’t offer a strong mobile experience will lose out in the market.


The Make-or-Break UX

With so many applications flooding the market every day, users have the luxury of picking and choosing the apps they not only like, but that provide them with a simple and attractive user experience. In order to remain competitive, today’s apps must not just be useful, they must also be visually pleasing, user-friendly and fast.


Sophisticated Apps Require Sophisticated Developers

Mobile application technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and the market is becoming more and more crowded. If you want your apps to shine and if you want to capitalize on apps to build stronger relationships with users and customers, it is essential to build a development team with the skills to keep you on the cutting edge.


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