Seven Sizzling Tech Jobs You Need to Hire for Now

In today’s technology-driven environment, companies are only as good as the tech they deploy and technology can only be as good as the team behind it.  Building a tech team is unique, as it requires a constant focus on the future. Companies can’t afford to be complacent with the group they have today, because changes in technology can dictate staffing needs changes just a few months down the line.  If you’re focused on growth, these are seven tech jobs you need to be hiring for right now.

  1. AI and Deep Learning

Developments and advancements in artificial intelligence are moving quickly. People are getting used to better and faster automation, smarter devices and even self-driving cars.  There is a shortage of AI talent in the market, so companies that are focusing on this technology need to move swiftly to hire and work hard to retain talent today.

  1. IoT Engineers

The industry reports that jobs in the internet of things (IoT) have increased more than 40% over the last year, and there are no signs growth will slow in the near future.  The IoT train has left the station and more and more companies are struggling to keep pace, given the documented skill gap in this emerging area of technology. Companies late to the IoT party, will always struggle to find great people.

  1. Data Scientists

Big data is only getting bigger by the minute thanks to AI and IoT, which generate massive amounts of data – much of it unstructured – on a scale that hasn’t been seen before. It takes skilled data scientists to analyze captured data as fast and accurately as possible in order to generate truly actionable insights that make a difference to the organization.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are also moving ahead at a rapid pace and VR/AR technologies were some of the most popular and innovative at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Like AI, it’s hard to find professionals with experience VR and AR, so companies need to move now to secure their teams.

  1. Security Analysts

It should go without saying that organizations need to have the best and brightest on their team when it comes to information security.  Threats often evolve faster than the industry can keep up with, and it is critical to employ people who can stay on pace with trends in cybersecurity.

  1. Cloud Integrators

The cloud arrived on the scene at just the right time, as companies were looking and needing to do more with less while still keeping pace with advancements in technology.  Businesses are much more comfortable with the cloud today, and in fact, many software and storage platforms are only available on the cloud. If your company is moving forward with the cloud, talent will need to be snapped up to make sure you can see your initiatives through.

  1. Full-Stack Engineers

Consumers and users are demanding app-like customer experiences with all interactions and that means full-stack engineers are a must on any development team. Open source experience is especially critical in today’s market.

If you want to stay a step ahead of trends and access the tech talent you need both today and tomorrow, partner with the IT talent acquisition experts at Talon.  To learn more about our track record of helping organizations like yours achieve their hiring and retention goals, contact us today.

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