How to Secure a Lucrative Remote IT Job

There was a time when IT professionals had to relocate if they found a great job with a top employer. Today, companies are embracing remote, full-time workers like never before, which means talented tech pros can remain in place while working for great companies across the state, the country or even the world. However, if you want to secure a lucrative remote IT job for yourself, you’ve got to take the right approach.

Only Apply For Jobs You Really Want

Job searches are stressful and they can be damaging to your ego if you don’t get calls for interviews right out of the gate. This makes it very tempting to start applying for every job posting you stumble upon. However, applying for any and every job you see will only make the situation worse.  Sending 10 applications and getting one call back is far less frustrating than spending countless hours shooting off 100 applications and getting 0 calls back.  Make sure you have a clear goal for your remote IT job search and only apply for positions that you are truly qualified for and meet your criteria based on your goals.

Take Your Time

You may be selective in where you apply, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot by cutting corners on your application. Sending off your resume alone will put you on the fast track to rejection. If you want to wow the hiring manager and ensure your documents actually gets a good look, you have to take your time and tailor your application. Write a concise, but detailed cover letter that clearly illustrates your fitness for the position and your passion for your work.  Every resume should also be tailored to the job, showcasing the most relevant skills listed in the job description.

Pay Attention To Details

Employers put a lot of trust in their remote IT staff. No one will be there to stand over your shoulder and check that you’re doing your job. If you want to make a good impression, be certain to pay close attention to detail throughout the hiring process. Make sure your application includes all of the details and information asked in the posting, triple-check that you are addressing the correct person, and proofread all documents several times. If you get called for an interview, take time to highlight your motivation, passion for your work and your ability to stay organized.

Work With A Professional IT Recruiter

There are an endless number of remote IT jobs in the market today. If you want to develop a tailored search that increases your chances of success, work with a professional IT recruiter. Recruiters can help you tailor your search and your resume, help you develop your interviewing skills, and they can connect you with jobs that haven’t been advertised to the public.

If you are an IT professional seeking new opportunities in remote work, the recruiters at Talon want to hear from you. We can match you with a position and an employer that will help you utilize your talents and achieve your professional goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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