New York City Will be a Hub for Startups in 2018

New York City has long been known as a place where people come to make their fortunes. Tech startups are carrying on that long tradition of entrepreneurship today. Recently, LinkedIn released a list of the top startups in the country and one location stood out: New York. Six of the top ten were New York-based companies. Here’s what you need to know about the startup landscape in the metro area.

The Best Startups in the Country Are In New York

Not only is New York cranking out successful startups, it’s also cranking out startups people actually want to work for.  According to LinkedIn some of the best startups for employees are located in the Big Apple:

  • WeWork: A shared workspace for entrepreneurs, the company is now valued at $20 billion. LinkedIn noted company culture that includes things like “Thank God It’s Monday” dinners and new employee scavenger hunts.
  • General Assembly: An education management startup valued at $452 billion, General Assembly offers 15 weeks of parental leave and ¼ of all employees had earned promotions by the first half of 2017.
  • Glossier: Since 2014, the company has been growing jobs by a rate of 257 percent a year.
  • Moda Operandi: A luxury goods company that promotes a dog-friendly work environment and provides bonuses and equity for employees at every level.
  • Casper: This $920 million direct-to-consumer mattress maker allows all employees access to nap pods in the afternoon and provides them with an entire suite of sleep products for their home.

New York Startups to Watch in 2018

There are some younger New York startups that are beginning to turn heads, and they are thriving thanks to New York’s thriving tech environment. Keep an eye on companies like:

  • Brooklinen: Direct-to-consumer luxury linens at affordable prices.
  • Elysium Health: A supplement company that aims to build loyalty and respect by employing scientific advisors and scientific testing to prove value
  • Bowery: A startup that is looking to disrupt farming by growing crops indoors, under LED lighting and using nutrient-rich water beds instead of soil.
  • Citizen: An app that shows crime maps in local neighborhoods to help keep residents safe through transparent information.
  • Dandelion: Innovating geothermal technology to help make heating and cooling American homes more affordable.
  • Transfix: Matches companies with nearby, available drivers to prevent backlogs in shipping, similar to Uber and Lyft for fleet management.

A Healthy Startup Environment Will Draw Top Talent

Whether your company is new to the market and you’re looking to grow, or you are an established enterprise looking for top talent, a healthy startup market is great for keeping tech talent in the New York metro area and for drawing new talent in.

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