Networking Advice Every Tech Exec Needs to Try

If you’ve made it to the upper echelons of tech leadership, you already understand the importance of a network, after all, it’s your network that helped you get where you are today. But networking at the top is quite different than networking on your way to the C-Suite. Use this advice to leverage your network to strengthen your reputation as a tech executive.

Find A New Mentor

You probably had a mentor within your organization as you moved through the ranks. However, once you reach the upper level, potential mentors are more likely to be found outside your company.  Find someone in your network outside your organization who has things to teach you. It might be a specific skill you want to develop, a leadership style you want to emulate or just someone with a fresh perspective on tech leadership.

Join A Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are a great way to build your network and get feedback on your approach to leadership.  You’ll be in a group of peers where you can share problems and get creative solutions on how to work through them, and you’ll help others do the same. Through these types of organizations, you can establish new relationships and grow as a leader.

Build Relationships Outside Of The Tech Sector

The tech sector can be a bit of an insular group. It makes sense to associate with professionals in your field, but it is also worthwhile to network with professionals outside the world of tech. The perspective of leaders in HR, Marketing, Operations, Sales, etc., can help you become a better leader.  A diverse network also helps you see technology from the perspective of different business units, which is an invaluable point of view when making decisions that impact your entire organization.

Do Something Different

You likely belong to several professional organizations and you’re quite used to their events and the people who attend them. Push your limits by joining an entirely new group. Stepping into a room where you don’t know anyone, just as you had to do earlier in your career, will push you to flex networking muscles you haven’t used in some time.  A new group ensures that you’ll build a more diverse network and may open the doors to opportunities you never knew existed before.

Give Back

Now that you’re in the upper levels of management, it’s time to give back to your network.  When you meet new people, instead of thinking, “What can she do for me,” ask yourself, “What can I do for her?” Giving to people without any expectation of receiving something in return is good for your mind, your spirit and the proverbial karma bank.

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