3 IT Staffing Trends You Need to Know in 2016

There are many reasons why businesses choose to partner with recruiting firms when it comes to technology staffing. Today’s market is competitive, and the right partnership can help close the skill gap, improve long-term retention and reduce costs. However, success is only possible if you choose the right firm, which can be difficult given the sheer number of agencies to choose from.

In order to be effective in the technology sector, recruiters have to have their fingers on the pulse of industry trends. As you evaluate potential partners this year, keep an eye on these three important trends.

  1. Building Strategic Partnerships

In truth, any staffing firm can send you warm bodies to fill open positions. If there is no long-term strategy to improve hiring and retention, however, there is little purpose in the engagement. As you evaluate potential agencies, look for evidence that the firm can and will act as a strategic partner with a vision for the future. Managing immediate needs is important, but in today’s competitive tech landscape, you need to have a plan for connecting with talent who will grow with you over time.

  1. Cultivating Passive Candidates

The best and brightest tech pros are currently employed, which means that relying on traditional recruiting methods leaves you wading in a very shallow pool. Passive candidates – those who are not actively searching for a position but who are willing to take a leap if presented with the right opportunity – are the holy grail of talent searches.

Unfortunately, internal hiring teams rarely have the time or resources to build relationships with passive talent. Moreover, not all recruiting firms are doing it, either. According to data from LinkedIn, only 22 percent of staffing firms make passive talent searches a priority. As you evaluate potential partners, get a feel for their passive recruiting efforts to make sure you are drawing from a deep pool of top talent.

  1. Building A Robust Pipeline

A strong network leads to strong hiring decisions. Who better to recommend a talented candidate than another talented candidate? In the tech sector, people tend to gravitate towards those who have similar skill sets, goals and passions. Nurturing a network leads to a full pipeline of talent.

Again, many internal hiring teams lack the time or resources to fill a pipeline. Niche recruiting experts, however, should spend a great deal of time building their network, gathering referrals and making connections with people of various skill sets, experiences and backgrounds. Make sure to discuss network-building with any potential recruiting partner before you sign on the dotted line.

If you are ready to connect with technology recruiting experts who will act as true strategic partners that will help your business grow, it’s time to reach out to the award-winning team at Talon. Contact us today to learn about our proven track record of success and to discover the ways in which we can help you achieve your talent acquisition and retention goals.


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