How to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Cost Effective

When it comes to IT infrastructure, tech leaders have to manage a delicate balancing act. Not only must they provide infrastructure that is stable and secure, it must also be cost-effective. Any time a new investment must be made in infrastructure, leaders must convince the non-technical members of the C-suite that those dollars are justified.  So, just how can you make your infrastructure more cost-effective without sacrificing quality?

Managing Operational Costs Requires Creative Solutions

A growing business must have infrastructure that scales accordingly.  With each new employee, customer, product line, etc., comes new requirements for bandwidth, performance and security – and new costs.  Tight budgets or leadership that doesn’t support infrastructure investment can actually hinder business growth over time.

Managing costs can often require tech leaders to think outside the box. For example, when Aflac experienced growing pains, they utilized a private fiber infrastructure to manage operational expenses.  This solution offered technical benefits as well as minimizing the recurring costs associated with the company’s existing communications circuits.

Leverage Third-Party Options

When it comes to IT infrastructure you don’t have to do it all internally. It is always a valuable exercise to seek out third-party providers to find solutions when a business is growing quickly. For example, communications investments can be managed by working with platforms like Skype for business or Google Hangouts. These platforms can help keep geographically dispersed teams connected without overstressing your internal resources.

There are thousands of SaaS platforms and cloud services that can help ease the stress on internal resources, help employees move more efficiently through their days and provide true ROI for the organization. They key is to conduct plenty of upfront research, model costs and track return in order to achieve buy-in from organizational leadership.

Build Upgrades Into Annual Budgets

If you want to both manage costs and receive less pushback from the proverbial bean counters in your organization, it is critical to build in ongoing maintenance, upgrades and modernizations into your annual budget requests.  When those line-items appear regularly and leaders get used to the idea that infrastructure is not a set-it-and-forget-it prospect, it becomes less of a struggle to invest in improvements.

By working infrastructure updates into your annual budgets, it also forces you to also calculate annual ROI of every investment you make. When you can justify the costs by showing how an improvement, expansion or upgrade actually helps the organization achieve its goals, infrastructure stops being viewed as a utility and starts to be viewed as a driver of strategic goals.

Hire The Right People

Making your IT infrastructure cost effective starts with hiring the right technical professionals for the job. A strong team can design, maintain and optimize a system that keeps your business moving forward. If you are searching for infrastructure talent for your IT team contact the expert tech recruiters at Talon today.


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