Looking for a High-Paying Tech Job? Try One of These Industries

Lots of tech professionals seek out jobs in the tech industry itself. People naturally want to be involved in the fast-paced world of startups, and there is a great deal of cache involved in saying you work for the next “big thing” in technology. However, if you’re someone that values a great salary, you might want to branch out into other industries. Every sector needs highly-skilled tech professionals to help them design systems, maintain databases, create and maintain websites and apps and keep their data secure.

Where To Score Great Tech Salaries

If you’re willing to expand your horizons, these are the industries that are currently boasting some of the highest paid people in technology:

  • Publishing: IT salaries in publishing have risen almost 10% over the last two years, with an average annual pay rate of around $90,000.
  • High-speed Internet providers: Salaries are rising steadily at about 5% per year, with a current average of $90,000.
  • Government: The government needs skilled professionals in all functional areas. Pay rises around 4% per year with a current average of $91,000.
  • Retail and eCommerce: Everyone is trying to compete with Amazon, and they are paying handsomely to do so. Salaries rise steadily every year, with an average hovering around $91,000 currently.
  • Transportation and logistics: People need to get where they want to go comfortably, safely, conveniently and efficiently. Current salaries come in at an average of $91,500.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare IT is a booming field thanks to electronic health records and the need to maintain security and privacy. Average salaries are around $92,000.
  • Construction: Yes, the construction industry needs skilled technical professionals and they are paying about $92,600 per year, with continued projected annual growth.
  • Chemical/Industrial: There is big money in big industry. Tech pros in this sector average about $92,800 per year, with slow but steady annual growth.
  • Biotechnology: This exciting and fast-paced field pays its tech professionals around $99,800 per year, and growth is high, with starting salaries boasting nearly 10% annual growth.
  • Aerospace and defense: This sector needs the best and the brightest to keep the U.S. ahead of the rest of the world. Annual starting salary growth comes in at around 6% per year, with a current average of $100,000.
  • Energy and Utilities: Energy is big business in the US and tech professionals in this sector earn an average of $103,000 per year with about 5% annual growth in starting salaries.
  • Banking and finance: If you want to follow the money, go to the industry that handles the money. Banking and finance tech pros earn an average of $103,800.

As you study this list, remember that tech salaries vary significantly based on geographic location, job title, experience, and responsibility. An entry-level position in Idaho will always command less than a senior engineer in New York City, for example. The key is to remember that there are great jobs outside of the world of startups that offer high salaries, robust benefits, and job security.

Are You Looking For A Great Tech Job?

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