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When actors are looking to launch their careers, they head to Los Angeles. Musicians flock to Nashville. And tech pros flock to Silicon Valley. Or do they? While the mid-California coast is synonymous with tech innovation, times have changed and there are amazing opportunities for tech talent right here in New York City. Before packing your bags and heading to the West Coast, it is worthwhile to take stock of what’s happening here in the Big Apple.

The Truth About New York’s Tech Sector

Most people don’t consider New York to be a hub of technical innovation, however, New York is still the country’s hub for national and global business. Not only do major corporations need tech talent, but people are investing in the startup market here in record numbers. Since the 90’s, New York has actually been dubbed “Silicon Alley,” thanks to its robust tech market.

There is opportunity in New York for tech talent, no matter what their “ideal job” looks like. From buttoned-up corporate gigs with prestige, to a more laid-back, mid-size company feel, to scrappy but influential startups, talented people can punch their own tickets in the New York tech market.

In fact, the tech sector has grown over 50 percent since 2010, and demand for tech talent in New York has far outpaced supply. This is great news for job seekers who are able to command high salaries, negotiate perks and take their careers to the next level.

According to CIO magazine, the average tech salaries in New York are 118 percent over the national average and growing. To attract top talent, companies are often willing to pay well above market value, which is critical for a good quality of life in the Five Boroughs. The cost of living in Manhattan is 25 percent higher than the national average, which means salaries must far outpace other cities in order to attract great people.

The costs associated with recruiting top talent isn’t deterring job growth in the slightest. In fact, the city adds 32 percent more tech jobs than the national average, and New York is ranked third in the country for expansion of tech hiring.

Are You Looking for Tech Jobs In New York?

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