Landing IT Rockstars: The Strategic Method to Finding The Best Talent

The IT skills gap is very real, and very vexing to hiring managers across the country. Despite an unemployment rate of seven percent, the unemployment rate in technology hovers right around three percent.  When IT positions go unfilled, or when they are filled with the wrong people, the effects are felt across the organization. According to the CIO IT Workplace Trends and Salary Guide, hiring managers in IT say the skills gap leads to lower morale, heavier workloads, missed deadlines, incomplete projects, lax customer service, low quality of work, unmotivated and unengaged employees and nearly $14,000 in lost revenue for every unfilled position.

Hiring managers not only struggle to acquire IT rockstars, but they also struggle to retain them. Hiring the perfect employee means nothing if they move on to a competitor in a year (or less). While the situation seems rather hopeless on its face, there is a strategic method that your company can use to locate, hire and retain top talent.

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Hiring managers are overworked, and they have to focus on all areas of the business, not just IT.  Finding candidates who meet the right standards in terms of skills and who possess the right personality traits to fit into the company culture can be a challenge in today’s talent market.

The IT recruiting experts at Talon have developed a strategic process that has proven to provide businesses with precise matches, whether they need full-time, permanent employees, or contracted consultants for short-term engagements.

The process involves seven key steps designed to narrow your applicant field to just three or four precise matches who are the most likely to succeed over the long term.  The process includes:

  1. A Labor Market Analysis – To determine what your candidate pool will realistically look like given your industry, geography, competitive landscape, etc.
  2. A Cost Analysis – Examining the costs of your current process, determining where efficiencies can be utilized.
  3. Realistic Job Preview – The team will dive deep into your organization’s culture, as well as the core competencies and key benchmarks for the position in order to create a success profile.
  4. Success Profile – Determining what your ideal candidate will actually look like based on the data collected through the process.
  5. Sourcing Strategy – Using the success profile, your team will determine where in the market to actively recruit.
  6. Screening Process – A detailed screening process including phone interview, the customized behavioral interview created during the Job Preview, assessment tools, thorough reference and background check, and drug screen if required.
  7. Performance Management – Our team stays involved with the hire as they begin their job, and throughout their tenure, working closely with the client to gather feedback and manage performance.

This is just an overview of the process the experts at Talon use to ensure clients are matched with their ideal candidate. If you would like to know more information contact our team today to start the conversation.

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