How to Land Great Talent in the New Year

Are you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet? What about your New Year’s recruiting resolutions?  The war for tech talent continues to rage on with no signs slowing down.  Follow this advice to help you achieve your recruiting resolutions and land great talent in the new year.

Focus On Candidate Experience

When it comes to tech recruiting, the candidate experience matters more than ever before. If you want to keep bright talent interested in you as an employer, your hiring process must be streamlined, swift and productive. Dragging candidates through a complex and disorganized process will turn off talented individuals and damage your employer brand.  Hit the ground running next year by focusing on improving the candidate experience from the time someone submits a resume to the time they sign their offer letter.

Build a Referral Program

Pop quiz: Who in your company today knows where to find talented IT professionals today? The answer: Every tech professional in your employ. Tech people know other tech people, and your current employees can help you fill your pipeline with both active and passive talent through a referral program.  Well-designed referral programs improve candidate quality, shorten time to hire and help promote a strong company culture.

Get Active in the Tech Community

Today’s IT professionals are active members of the tech community. There are well-attended meetup groups, happy hours, mixers, seminars, conferences, maker sessions and more.  In order to establish your organization as a top employer, you need to be active within these groups. You can position your company as a connected and welcoming entity in the tech community by hosting events at your headquarters. This will associate your firm as a leader in the community, and talented people will remember your company when seeking new opportunities.

Take the Fast Track to Talent

According to data from Lever, an applicant tracking software company, candidates who submit their resumes through the company website have a 1-in-152 chance of getting hired, candidates sourced by the employer have a 1-in-72 chance, while candidates recommended by a recruiting firm have a 1-in-22 chance of getting hired.  If you want to improve your hiring processes, make this the year that you partner with a strong tech recruiting firm.

Overhauling your IT recruiting process takes a lot of time and resources. Unfortunately, given the competitive nature of tech hiring, most firms don’t have the luxuries of time and resources. If you want to connect with highly skilled IT candidates, put a true expert in your corner. The award-winning team of recruiters at Talon can help find the talent that you need in the coming year. Contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies for success.

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