Industry 4.0

Embrace the latest high-tech revolution with the right talent partner: Talon.

Hands on Laptop symbolizing Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is the transformation of how companies manage manufacturing, production, and distribution operations. Businesses are implementing emerging technologies and smart facilities are equipped with software, sensors, and robotics.

While investing in tech tools enables robust tracking and data-driven decision making, you need industry 4.0 experts to hone that information, drive insightful planning, and optimize your business performance.

How can Talon take my business into Industry 4.0?

Modernization is a must to stay competitive and profitable. In a world of constant digital transformation, Talon talent solutions can get you from outdated operations into Industry 4.0.

Our teams have top-notch tech knowledge, paired with industry expertise, and are ready to dive into your latest problems. Get ready to:

  • optimize your operations
  • automate and improve process efficiency
  • predict and prepare for the future

Industry 4.0 experts, delivered your way.

Talon supports IT talent expansion with a wide range of staffing and recruiting options.


When you need specialized skills, we find expert consultants for you. We take care of your IT needs so you can focus on the big picture.


We’ll help you find top-notch IT consultants, and if they’re the perfect fit, you can make them a long-term part of your team.

Direct Hire

Need logistics, operations and supply chain experts for your modernization initiatives? We’ll help you attract and hire the best tech talent.

Project Solutions

Our custom staffing solutions are shaped just for you — because your business deserves strategic guidance and best of the best talent.

Get the talent you need. Now.

Keep your company competitive.

Industry 4.0 marks big change and change today requires tech. At Talon, we’re experts in helping businesses achieve those goals by putting the right experts on the job.

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“Talon is always providing excellent service to their clients with the most experienced employees. We demand top-shelf service for our customers and in order to accomplish that goal, we employ the best in the business.”