Digital Transformation

Pencils down. Put away the paper. It’s time to digitize with the best and the brightest from Talon’s talent pool.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into the processes and systems all around us. It’s why we shop online and are glued to our smartphones, but it’s also why our businesses continually adapt how they operate.

Savvy organizations bolster their businesses by integrating digital technologies to invent, improve, and innovate. They use it to transform how they serve customers. Challenge the status quo and reimagine how to stay competitive in a global market.

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How can Talon jumpstart digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a necessary disruption, and you need an A+ team to come out on top. At Talon, our specialization in staffing and IT expertise allows us to deliver top digital transformation talent that will keep your business ahead of the curve. Our proven process attracts IT consultants who advance your company by:

  • modernizing outdated systems
  • building new products and platforms
  • accelerating growth and planning for the future

Tech talent starts here.

Talon recruiters specialize in delivering the IT talent you need for your business to succeed.


Supplement your in-house talent with digital transformation consultants. We’ll help you hire IT experts and digital transformation project managers to keep things moving. Get the help you need, when you need it.


Assess tech talent workers on the job, and ensure a good fit before making a full-time offer. We’ll leverage our digital transformation staffing expertise to help you find expert consultants.

Direct Hire

Need digital transformation experts to head your modernization initiatives? At Talon, we use a powerful recruitment management system and multi-phased methodology to help you attract and hire the best IT talent.

Project Solutions

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem. We understand that every organization faces unique challenges. If you’re looking to optimize operations and processes, we provide strategic guidance to address your own digital transformation.

Take the efficient digital path.

Save time and money.

Keeping up with the digital world is a big undertaking — and you want to be sure your investments pay off. At Talon, we support our clients with a collaborative approach that leads to smart staffing strategies. We help solve the unique problems you face during a time of transformation, and find opportunities to streamline operations and output.

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“Taking the guesswork out of managing a vendor is time back in my day. When you know where you stand and you are always abreast of what is happening, it’s big value.

– Talon Client