Business Intelligence

Develop data-smart, forward-focused strategies with BI experts.

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is a process using technology to guide better, data-driven decision making. BI can link people, performance, and profit, helping companies optimize operations and improve efficiencies.

Collecting data is one thing, but top-tier analysis and insights are what inspire action. With BI talent, you gain the tech and data pros who want to dig into the market and the challenge to find better, smarter solutions.

How does Talon and Business Intelligence talent benefit my company?

When it comes to making the best decisions day-to-day, you need business intelligence pros who can analyze all the data and intelligence today’s systems and markets produce. Knowledge is power and BI solutions help you shape strategies to succeed in a global market.

At Talon, we connect you with experts in business intelligence. Our strong recruitment network brings you the best of the best who will help your business:

  • improve process performance
  • identify opportunities for growth
  • gain a competitive advantage

Business intelligence + custom staffing options

We deliver the intelligence experts you need, when and how you need them.


Enhance software and services as your company and goals evolve. We’ll help you hire BI consultants to propel your business forward.


Your needs are ever-changing. Find a BI consultant to support your operations, assess in real time, and hire full-time if the fit is right.

Direct Hire

Looking for business intelligence expertise in data analytics, data mining, and infrastructure? Look no further than our tech talent team.

Project Solutions

Every company has its own challenges. Which is why we’ve got the team and the strategic staffing guidance to address your business needs.

Overcome information overload.

Navigate new and outdated systems to uncover the data needed to make smart decisions. At Talon, we find the business intelligence talent you need solve problems and advance your company.

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“We are truly educating our clients on current market conditions, really being a valuable, trusted partner throughout our relationship.”

-Talon account executive