Blockchain is booming, and we are filling roles quickly across this fast-growing sector.

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How can Talon connect my business with blockchain expertise?

With applications in supply chain, banking and financial services, security, payment, and storage, blockchain skills are in high demand.

At Talon, we provide tech talent with expertise in blockchain architecture to give you have up-to-date experts at the ready. Learn how our certified blockchain experts, analysts, architects, data engineers, and UI/UX designers are helping businesses nationwide to:

  • increase trust and transparency
  • enhance data security
  • reduce costs with improved speed and efficiency

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a database or ledger that stores information electronically in digital format, maintaining a secure record of transactions. Most people have some awareness of it due to its use in cryptocurrency systems, including Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology allows us to record and track transactions and assets, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft. Plus, it deepens trust with customers who want more security across their growing digital transactions.

Blockchain experts when and how you need them.

Talon can fill any blockchain talent or team need, whether temporary or long-term, large scale or targeted.


Fill your talent gap with highly qualified blockchain consultants. Plus, access fully vetted candidates from a national pool.


Minimize the risk and cost of bad hires. Assess a blockchain expert to ensure a good fit before making a full-time offer.

Direct Hire

Focus on the best candidates for your blockchain roles, and gain access to a sophisticated recruitment management system.

Project Solutions

Get expert guidance developing industry-focused solutions. Then gain the talent you need to achieve your goals.

Build transparency and trust.

Blockchain solutions build trust in facilitating fast, smooth and secure transactions. Investing in your data security is a priority, and our talented team helps you achieve that.

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“We use our impressive tech stack to provide extensive market condition data to our clients. That way, they always know what they need to do to land high-demand talent.”

-Talon account executive

Grow your business with blockchain expertise.