Is Your WiFi Network Under Attack?

If you think the answer is, “no,” think again. Every corporate WiFi network is a potential target for hackers to use as a means to gain full control over your network and infrastructure, causing massive damage and loss.

Corporate WiFi Networks Are Easy Pickings

According to a recent report, WiFi networks are more vulnerable than most business leaders think. The report studied audits of 22 business systems. Positive Technologies, which ran the study, attempted to gain control of each network and were able to successfully breach all of them.

They “hackers” only ranked 7 percent of the systems as moderately difficult to access whereas 56 percent were ranked as easy to breach. Each company tested had at least two vulnerabilities, and the WiFi network was the most common. Hackers cited these areas as the most glaring issues:

  • 40% of networks used simple single-word passwords.
  • 75% were accessible outside company offices.
  • 75% of WiFi networks did not enforce per-user isolation.

How To Protect Your Corporate WiFi Network

You may think that your network is secure, but it’s easy to skip over basic protocols when you’re focused on stopping complex attacks. IT can start shoring up networks today by:

  • Keeping all operating systems and applications up-to-date. Consider removing workarounds that allow end users to delay updates from their desktops.
  • Enforce the use of strong passwords on all systems.
  • Reset WiFi passwords regularly. Make sure they are complex and difficult to crack.
  • Enforce per-user isolation on WiFi.
  • Force password changes on the network at least every 60 days.
  • Use two-factor authentication.
  • Limit administrator privileges.

The best way to ensure that your WiFi network is protected it to build a team that not only focuses on protecting the network from advanced hacks, but also follows basic safety protocols. One of the networks breached in the Positive Technologies test had a vulnerability that dated back nearly 20 years. That means that over the course of two decades not one ran through a thorough security checklist.

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