How to Sync Business Goals with IT Strategy

Technology used to be a utility function of business, but it has rapidly become a driver of business goals. Now, more than ever before, it is crucial for tech leaders to build relationships with executive leadership so that IT strategy can align with business goals. If your IT department is on the outside looking in, here are strategies you can use to sync up and leverage technology for organizational success.

IT Must Stay Involved with Other Departments’ Technologies

We have finally reached the stage where individual departments are spending nearly as much on technology as IT itself spends.  Gone are the days when every new technology was sold to and through the IT department. Now, individual departments use their own budgets and leaders to make technology choices.

However, in order to keep IT connected to business strategy, the tech department must stay involved in those decisions – especially because they are still responsible for keeping each system running smoothly. This means maintaining strong interdepartmental relationships and making sure stakeholders understand just how critical it is to keep IT involved to ensure interoperability and integration. IT involvement can also maximize the use of new systems and ensure that the company is getting its money’s worth. For example, rather than storing disparate data across multiple platforms and applications, IT can create a data pool that all departments can tap into for their unique needs.

The Maintenance – Innovation Balance is Delicate, but Critical

In order for IT to earn and keep a seat at the table, CIOs must balance keeping the lights on against driving business goals. CEOs tend to think about IT as simply a cost center, and when the majority of the tech team’s time is focused on maintenance, it is difficult to prove strategic value and shift that thinking. IT leaders need to strike that delicate balance, to get stronger buy-in from other members of the C-Suite.

IT Must Invest in Organizational Success

The modern IT department must think beyond a commitment to internal user success if they want to stay aligned with business strategy. This means understanding the needs of external customers by attending meetings and sales calls or even hosting focus groups or conducting surveys.

It also means spending time with members of the C-Suite and departmental leaders to understand their unique priorities as they relate to overarching company goals. Getting a feel for what concerns each department allows IT leaders to help bridge gaps and build real solutions that will ultimately facilitate goal achievement.

Hire Top Tech Talent

In order to execute tech strategies that align with business goals, you must have the right team in place. If you are looking for skilled IT candidates, put a true tech hiring expert in your corner. The award-winning team at Talon can find the talent you need to keep your systems running smoothly and drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more.


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