How to Protect Your Company from Security Threats

Security threats are one of the biggest issues that keep tech leaders up at night. Keeping your systems safe and secure is an ongoing battle, and it’s a battle most companies fear they will lose. According to recent data, only 26 percent of IT leaders feel that their departments are well-equipped to handle security threats.

Given the state of the tech sector today, that number is staggering. The question is no longer “will we face a security threat,” but “when will we face a security threat?” Yet companies are not mobilizing in ways that will protect them.

Why Companies Aren’t Ready for Threats

The biggest reason why companies are not confident in their IT team’s ability to handle security is simple: they don’t employee enough security experts. They rely on their IT team to somehow be security experts when in fact, security falls outside of the team’s core skill sets. Some 65 percent of all companies do not have dedicated information security staff, and over 30 percent don’t know what is going on with their data stored in third-party data centers.

The fact is, IT professionals who handle hardware and software are in no way experts in data security. Expecting them to be experts is a recipe for failure. Today’s systems are increasingly complex, and just because someone can build or maintain a system does not mean they have the skills to handle the security of those systems.

The Challenge of Preparing for Threats

So, the solution is simple, right? Go out and hire an information security professional. In theory, that is the simple answer, but in reality, you’ll probably struggle to find people who have the actual skills you need.  More and more companies are waking up to the reality that they need a dedicated security team, and the market is now extremely tight. There are lots of information security professionals in the market, but competition is fierce, and salaries are on an exponential upswing. It can be extremely difficult to compete in today’s market, especially if you do not already have a security department in place.

How to Find The Security Professionals You Need

So, what are companies to do when they know they need a dedicated security team, but they can’t find who they are looking for? You can waste a lot of time spinning your wheels, or you can forge a strategic partnership with an information security recruiter who can quickly find you the talent you need to protect your critical data.

Talon is a market leader in information security recruiting, and we can help you understand the skills and attributes you need in a new employee, and then we go and find them. Our process shortens time to hire and ensures you can start sleeping better, knowing your data is secure.

For more information on the ways we can help you find data security talent, contact Talon today.


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