How to Create a Tech Career That’s Evergreen

Many people consider tech to be an evergreen career, but the fact is, the evolutionary nature of IT means you must be proactive in order to remain relevant. A robust skill set will mean nothing if those skills become obsolete in the market. Experts predict another recession on the horizon, which means budget cuts, layoffs and shuttered businesses. But the doom-and-gloom predictions don’t have to impact your career. Use these strategies to ensure you can weather any storm that hits the market.

Make Yourself Irreplaceable

While you can’t control whether your department cuts jobs for budgetary reasons, you can make yourself someone who is with keeping and who is in high demand. Focus on becoming a steadfast and reliable team player who can be counted on when the pressure is on. Build soft skills like curiosity, agility, flexibility, and emotional intelligence. Turn your work in early and error-free and pitch in to help when others are struggling.

This can make you someone difficult to let go if the organization experiences trouble, and it helps build your reputation if you need references in the future.

Put Yourself on Critical Projects

Vanity projects and non-critical projects will be the first on the chopping block in a round of budget cuts, so volunteer for mission-critical projects that cannot be shut down if the economy sputters. Getting added to these projects will increase your value to the organization – and will give you impressive metrics to add to your resume. Remember, finding a new job is all about proving value, and working on crucial projects speaks volumes about your worth to an employer.

Build New Skills

Use your free time to start exploring emerging skills or skills that are in high-demand. Many tech skills can be learned online and can be practiced on Open Source projects. You can also put new skills to use and build your resume by freelancing and earning money on the side, hedging against financial losses if find yourself in need of a job.

Work With A Recruiter

Tech pros often ignore calls from recruiters, but if you want to build staying power in your career, it pays to put yourself out there. Recruiters can be invaluable resources during a job search, and they can also help you find a great job before you actually need one. It’s always better to look for a job while you have one, so be open to calls from recruiters and get proactive and let top tech recruiters know you are open to new opportunities.

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