How Lies on Your Resume are Discovered

It can be tempting to stretch the truth on your tech resume – especially when you find an opening at your ideal company. Maybe you add a skill you don’t have so that you meet minimum requirements. Perhaps you say you hold a certification you haven’t completed yet. However, it is important to resist the urge to lie on your resume because the odds are not in your favor. When – not if – the lie is uncovered, you will be immediately removed from contention, and you will have burned a bridge in your network. This is how employers discover lies on your resume.

Employers Make Reference Checks

Hiring managers know that your references are handpicked by you and that those people were chosen because they promised to provide glowing recommendations. However, most hiring managers will go the extra mile by checking additional references – especially if they notice they have mutual contacts with you or they know people at one of your previous employers. If what they find in those extra checks doesn’t match your chosen references, it will raise serious red flags.

They Verify Your Education and Credentials

Most companies leverage background checking services to verify that the claims you make about your education and certifications are, in fact, true. They will be able to find out with very little effort whether your claims are accurate.

They Know Job Duties

Tech hiring managers know the responsibilities associated with job titles in their niche. Trying to elevate your status by making roles sound bigger than they actually were will land you in the rejected pile. However, if you were given additional responsibilities, don’t be afraid to address those responsibilities in your cover letter and state that your former supervisor will verify your assertions.

You Will Be Skill Tested

Adding skills you don’t have can help you get past an automated applicant tracking system, but you will likely be tested on critical skills required for the role. Whether they quiz you during the interview or subject you to an actual battery of skill tests, they will be able to determine whether you can actually do what you say.

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