How Contract IT Workers Fill Your Tech Talent Gap

The tech talent gap is growing and today, tech professionals have more choices in the market than nearly any other profession in the US. Because of the ever-growing demand for high-level skills, job seekers can afford to be highly selective when making career decisions. This comes at a time when flexibility is more important than ever before to workers – especially young workers who grew up connected to the internet 24/7 and know that work can happen anytime, from any place.

This had led to a rise in tech pros choosing contract work as their full-time gig. Working as a contractor or a consultant affords them the flexibility to work from home at a schedule that suits them, often provides higher wages, and opens them up to projects on a national or even global scale.

Companies that struggle to hire and keep skilled tech talent could close their gaps by opening themselves up to contract IT workers for their projects.

Location Limits Your Search

One of the biggest hurdles in hiring tech talent is geography. If you insist that your team works within driving distance of their job and reports to the office every day, you’re seriously limiting a search for qualified candidates. If you operate in a small city or even a rural area, your permanent talent pool is going to be shallow by nature. Focusing on contractors opens your search to the national market, providing access to a whole host of qualified, skilled talent.

Skill Needs Change Over Time

It can be difficult to hire IT professionals for long-term strategy because of the speed at which technology moves. This often means that you really need access to subject matter experts for a fixed period of time, rather than a permanent employee. Many highly skilled tech pros choose contracting as their means of earning a living because they know their skills are in high demand, and contracting allows them to zero in on projects where those skills will be leveraged to the fullest.

Permanent Recruiting Is Costly and Time-Consuming

Hiring a full-time IT professional is costly and can take months. All the while, the position goes unfilled and your remaining team is forced to pick up the slack. One bad hiring choice can set you back even further and can double recruiting costs.

Contract employees can be hired much more quickly and cost-effectively since there is less red tape involved in the process. When hiring through a recruiting firm that specializes in contract IT, that red tape and risk are reduced even further.  Working with contractors gives you much faster access to the high-level skills you need, reduces burden on your team, and though the hourly cost may be slightly higher, cost savings are recognized as benefits do not need to be paid and the hiring process itself is much cheaper.

Ready To Hire Contract IT Workers To Fill Your Talent Gap?

If you are looking for skilled tech talent to close gaps on your team, work with the expert IT recruiters at Talon. We can connect you with contract professionals who will help you achieve your goals.

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