How AI is Changing IT Recruiting

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into nearly every aspect of the professional world, including recruiting. Hiring managers and recruiters are using AI-based programming to automate functions and make the recruiting process more efficient and more accurate. From job descriptions to sourcing to hiring decisions, here are a few ways AI is changing recruiting.

Improved Job Postings

The tech sector has been maligned in recent years for lack of diversity and a significant gender gap. AI technology that incorporates sentiment analysis provides alternatives to words and language in job postings that could be unintentionally biased, helping attract a more diverse applicant pool.

Robust Sourcing and Rediscovery

AI can take over the manual tasks associated with sourcing candidates in online databases and social media, speeding up the process while allowing searchers to access more profiles. AI can also help hiring managers quickly scan their existing database to rediscover candidates who applied for a previous role but fit the profile for a current opening.

More Accurate Resume Screening

ATS screening software has often been criticized for its limitations, potentially kicking out qualified candidates who might word things slightly differently than search parameters. Through machine learning, resume screening is becoming more accurate as it becomes “smarter” and learns more of the nuances of language.

Identifying Passive Candidates

While the number of active candidates in the market is dwindling thanks to low unemployment, the number of passive candidates is actually increasing now that employed people feel “safe” enough to look for better jobs. But identifying employed tech talent who might be ready to make a change isn’t easy. AI can help by finding candidates who are likely to change jobs based on market factors. Those candidates can then be matched with job criteria to determine whether a relationship is worth pursuing.

Interview Scoring and Success Prediction

AI is helping to remove unintentional bias from the interview process in a variety of ways. Video interviews can be evaluated by machines to “score” candidates on several factors, or manual data entry can be used to score candidates based on objective criteria. AI can also be leveraged to predict how well a candidate will do on the job, estimating their chances of making strong contusions quickly.

Are You Ready To Leverage AI for IT Recruiting?

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