Hiring Trends That Will Shape 2017

Over the last decade or so, hiring in the tech sector has been a challenge for many companies. If you want to attract the best and brightest, you must stay ahead of the forces that drive the market. Here are some of the trends that will shape the way you hire tech professionals in 2017.


Contingent Tech Staff On The Rise

According to a poll of technology leaders by TEKsystems, companies will rely more heavily on contingent staff in the coming year. Last year, they reported a ratio of 80 percent full-time tech staff to 20 percent contingent. They predict a change of 76 percent full time and 24 percent contingent this year. Firms must understand how to leverage subject-matter experts on their projects in order to get the most from contingent staff.


Employees Are Looking for a Change

Retention of IT staff will continue to be a challenge this year, as many professionals continue to keep an eye out for new opportunities according to a survey by Spiceworks.  This year, tech professionals report they are planning on changing jobs to:

  • Advance their skills – 69%
  • Increase their pay – 64%
  • Work for a company that prioritizes technology – 40%
  • Remedy burnout at current position – 40%
  • Find better work-life balance – 38%
  • Receive more robust benefits – 33%
  • Work with a more talented team – 26%
  • Find more flexibility in their schedule – 24%

The demand for talented technology professionals is not slowing, and workers can and will continue to take advantage of this favorable market to achieve their personal career goals.


High Demand Skills Means Higher Salaries

Salaries will continue to rise in 2017, but specific high-demand skills will experience bigger increases than others. According to the TEKsystems report, the skills that will see the biggest increases are programmers and developers, software engineers, security and cloud computing.  Companies should be prepared to offer higher compensation packages in these niches to remain competitive.


More Focus on Candidate Experience

The hiring process can be extremely taxing for candidates, and in a job-seeker’s market, talented candidates don’t have to tolerate a poor hiring experience. In an era of online review sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, word travels quickly.  Companies that want to attract the best and the brightest must focus on creating pleasant and efficient experience for applicants from the day they submit their application to the day an offer letter is presented.  


Referrals Are Essential

Who knows more talented tech pros than anyone on your staff? The tech professionals you already have on staff.  The talent wars are tough, and hiring teams must leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding top talent. Referrals are an essential piece of the recruiting puzzle. Referred candidates are often the best candidates, and nearly 14 percent of referred applicants receive job offers and make up nearly 40 percent of new hires at companies with awards naming them “great places to work.”


If you are looking for skilled IT candidates to round out your team this year, put a true tech hiring expert in your corner. The award-winning team at Talon can find the talent you need to keep your systems running smoothly and drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your goals.



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