A Growing Industry: The IT Future Is Bright

Demand for highly-skilled tech professionals is still growing at a rapid pace. Public and private organizations’ need for more data, better data, tougher security, and innovation isn’t likely to wane anytime soon, according to a recent hiring report by Dice. For IT pros with sought-after skill sets, the future is quite bright.

The Heat Is On Hiring Managers

There continues to be a limited supply of IT talent in the market, putting continued pressure on salaries.  This means the companies will be forced to invest even more resources into IT hiring in the near future, and firms will continue to lean on contractors and consultants to bridge immediate gaps on a short-term basis.

In the past, the phrase “IT skills gap” has referred to areas such as high-level analytics, cloud, security and the Internet of Things. However, employers are increasingly reporting a skillset gap of another kind: soft skills. According to a recent hiring forecast, 25 percent of hiring managers said they struggle to find IT professionals who are a “cultural fit” within the organization and 18 percent said they struggled to find candidates with high-level problem solving and communications skills.

The employer’s struggle is a boon for professionals who possess in-demand skills, both hard and soft. Companies are pulling out all the stops to attract the best and the brightest with high pay, competitive benefits and an increasingly long menu of nontraditional perks.

How To Take Advantage Of Open Opportunities

In order to take advantage of the current hiring landscape, tech professionals can use several strategies to get in front of hiring managers. First and foremost, it is critical to tailor each resume to the position to which you are applying. Be certain that your resume and cover letter address the skills and requirements listed in the job description, and use your cover letter to sell your entire portfolio of experience and address any gaps that may exist.

Next, candidates should do some investigation into the company culture. Hiring managers are focusing more on cultural alignment, and this focus benefits both the organization and the job seeker. Poor alignment leads to dissatisfaction, and ultimately, turnover. If you want to thrive at a new position over the long term, you must be certain that your unique personality and work style meshes well with the organization’s culture. Even if you have all the skills a hiring manager wants and the job seems attractive on paper, if you won’t thrive in the environment, you can’t reach your ultimate goals.

Finally, it pays to work with an “insider” who can help you get a true leg up on the competition. An expert IT recruiter can not only match you with opportunities that align with your goals, but they work to ensure a strong cultural match. Additionally, they work with you before the interview to help sharpen your skills, and provide feedback after the fact to help you improve in the future.

If you are an IT professional on the hunt for new career challenges with innovative companies, the recruiters at Talon are ready to talk to you. We can match you with a position and an employer that will help you utilize your talents and achieve your professional goals. Reach out to us today.


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