Get to Know These Programming Languages to Find Hot New Jobs

Some programming languages like C++ and Java seem to have unlimited staying power, but there are new languages emerging right now that are poised to make a big impact in the industry. Evolving hardware like wearable tech and IoT as well as AI, cryptocurrency and blockchain require more sophisticated programming languages. If you are looking to land a hot new job this year, consider getting to know these cutting-edge languages.


Developed by MIT for iOS and Android development, Gravity is an open-source programming language. If you know Swift, the syntax is similar, supporting lists, maps and all variables are objects. Gravity supports OOP, procedural and functional programming and is growing in popularity. Though open-source, it is part of the Creo commercial project.


Imba is another open-source language that is used for creating web applications. Its claim to fame is that it has adopted its own virtual DOM, but is touted as being nearly 20 times faster than React. Imba is similar to Ruby and Python and works with existing JavaScript libraries, however, it is not a dialect of JavaScript, it is its own unique language.


For coders into cryptocurrency, Vyper might be an intriguing skill to learn as it targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Ethereum is a platform on which people trade the cryptocurrency Ether. The language on which it was founded, Solidity, has been unsatisfactory for many developers, which led to the development of Vyper.


Morfa is a general-purpose language based on the existing language D that can be used in place of C++, Java or C#.  Morfa includes features that allow for the creation of Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and is attractive to many new learners because it includes Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL), allowing people to try it without a running full edit-compile-run cycle.


Objeck fist came onto the scene in 2008 for object-oriented programming testing. Today, Objeck is on version 3.1, and it currently supports JSON, RegEx, SML, CSV as well as HTTP and HTTPS web clients. Currently, it is open-source and can be found on GitHub.

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