Five Traits Hiring Managers are Looking for When Interviewing Cybersecurity Candidates

When it comes to landing a cybersecurity job, your technical skills are obviously important. However, employers are looking for more out of their security experts than a solid resume. Security experts are a vital part of the technical team, and companies need to hire people with important soft skills that add real value and ensure smooth communication and workflow. Here are five traits that hiring managers are looking for in cybersecurity candidates, and strategies for showcasing them in your interviews.

  1. Problem-Solving Abilities

Information security is really just one big, ongoing problem to solve and the work is never, ever done. Therefore, you must be able to showcase the way you tackle solving complex problems. Employers want to see that your approach is analytical and methodical. If you’re asked to work through a problem in the technical stage of the interview process, make sure to “think out loud,” so the hiring team can understand your approach to solving complex problems.

  1. Natural Curiosity

Cybersecurity professionals need to come to the table with a natural curiosity. They mustn’t be afraid to ask questions like “why” and “what if” in order to solve complex problems. You must be able to demonstrate your own natural curiosity throughout the hiring process and the ways in which your inquisitiveness helped you solve a problem or added value to your team.

  1. Commitment To Learning

Few disciplines experience change as rapidly as cybersecurity. The people who dedicate their lives to hacking systems seek to remain ten steps ahead of the people trying to stop them. Therefore, it is critical to demonstrate your commitment to your craft and discuss the ways you stay on top of changing trends and best practices to prove to a potential employer that you can help keep their critical data safe and secure.

  1. Flexibility

You simply cannot be rigid in the tech sector today. Priorities can change without any warning at all, and employers are looking for people who are able to shift gears quickly, without sacrificing the quality of their work. In interviews, be prepared to discuss situations in which you had to change your approach, adapt to new circumstances or pivot on a dime.

  1. Strong Communication Skills

Cybersecurity professionals do not work in a silo. They must be able to communicate effectively with other members of the tech team as well as company leaders and other members of the organization who don’t necessarily “speak tech.”  You will want to talk about your commitment to thorough and clear communication and ways in which you may have had to overcome a communication barrier in the past.

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