Emerging IT Staffing Trends To Watch

Staffing is an ever-evolving world. Technology, a changing workforce, and changing employer demands make it critical for hiring teams and HR professionals to stay on top of emerging trends – especially trends with staying power. Your ability to stay ahead of the curve can have an impact on your organization’s ability to recruit and retain top IT talent.

Trend #1: Finding Candidates Will Get Easier; Selling Talent Will Become Difficult

Looking for a job seeker? You only need to click over to social media to find a multitude of folks that are currently seeking employment. Finding people is the easy part. Selling your company to talented candidates is another story.

Exceptional applicants won’t just be looking at your organization. It is likely they are being courted by one or more other companies.  In order to be effective, hiring teams must learn how to sell candidates on more than just salary and benefits packages. Highlighting company culture, intangible and nontraditional benefits, work-life balance, the team dynamic and the opportunity to make real and lasting contributions can all help sway a talented candidate towards your offering. Effective selling requires a robust understanding of what talented job seekers in your market are looking for and delivering on those preferences.

Trend #2: Recruit Innovators

Innovative companies like Apple and Amazon post greater efficiencies than average firms in their industries. One of the biggest reasons why is their focus on hiring innovators who produce 10 times more than average workers in the same position. To shift your focus on innovative candidates:

  • Don’t write them off too soon: Innovators know they are in-demand and may project an air of arrogance in their first interview. Don’t hold this against them (unless it’s truly out of control). As you move them through the hiring process, you’ll get to know the real person under the ego. Thorough reference checks are also important to determine their true personality and workstyle.
  • Referrals, referrals, referrals: Innovators know other innovators. Look to the innovators you already have on staff to locate fresh talent.

Trend #3: A Future-Focused Method of Recruiting

Today, most HR teams focus on metrics that measure what happened in the past. Past successes and challenges can be leveraged to make changes for the future, but forward-thinking hiring teams already have one eye on the road ahead. This forethought and planning is earning them a seat at the strategy table with other business leaders. The new trend is to direct workforce planning in a way that helps you prepare for the future by knowing:

  • The type of talent you will need and when you will need it.
  • The quantity of talented new hires you will need at that time.
  • The depth of the leadership bench to ensure new leaders can step up at the right time.

As teams become more adept at this future talent planning and forecasting, they will be viewed and relied on as valuable members of leadership.

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