The Most Effective Way to Research a Company Before Your Interview

The key to acing an interview lies in your preparation. The more thoroughly you prepare, the more relaxed you will be. When you feel relaxed, you can focus on answering questions clearly, asking thoughtful questions and your true personality will shine through. Remember that while you are being judged by the hiring manager, interviews are a way for you to determine if the job is truly a good fit for you, as well. Before your next interview, make sure to research key areas of the organization thoroughly so that you’ll be able to evaluate the offer effectively and so you can ask thoughtful questions during the interview.

Find Out What Employees Are Saying

Spend some time browsing employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. These platforms allow current and past employees to anonymously review what it’s like to work for the organization. Take highly negative and highly positive reviews with a grain of salt and instead, look for recurring themes in the reviews. Glassdoor also allows you to research what the interview process will be like. Previous candidates will share some inside scoop on what the process entails and what types of questions you’ll likely be asked.

Research The Company’s Financial Health

Every company has ups and down when it comes to profitability, but you want to take time to research your local business journal to determine overall corporate health. Positive signs include a lot of recent hires and promotions, new product launches, and strong earnings. Potential negative signs include recent layoffs, failed product launches, sinking stock prices and unforeseen dips in earnings.

Also keep in mind that startups are almost always associated with high risk and financial instability. Try to uncover as much as you can about funding before interviewing with a startup, and don’t be afraid to broach the topic in your interview.

How Are Their Competitors Doing?

It’s not only important to understand what the company does and how healthy it is, you must also determine where it fits into the market. Are they in last place? First place? Who are their direct and indirect competitors? What is your potential employer’s unique selling proposition and what makes them different? These are also great topics to discuss in your interview, as they showcase your research and illustrate your desire to learn as much as you can.

Study Company Culture

Cultural alignment often matters more than your skills set when it comes to your ultimate happiness with a position. Study the company’s website, social media profiles and employee reviews to get a feel for their culture.  Follow up by asking about the culture when you’re in the interview chair to show that you’re interested in getting a feel for what it’s like to work there.

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