Are Bootcamps and MOOCs More Valuable than a College Degree?

There was a time when you couldn’t dream of landing a job in technology without a computer science degree. But times have changed, and it’s possible to find successful people in the tech field who never stepped foot in a college classroom and hold degrees in fields completely unrelated to technology. Thanks to the rise of alternative skill-building paths, a college degree has seemingly become less important than demonstrable skill sets. So, are bootcamps and massive open online courses (MOOCs) more valuable than a college degree in today’s market?

The Benefits of Bootcamps And MOOCs

The cost of a college education has never been higher, and many young people are getting turned off by the thought of landing themselves $30,000 of debt. And when you consider the fact that most people don’t actually know what they want to do with their careers when they are 18 years old, lots of people graduate with degrees they consider not only expensive, but utterly useless.

Bootcamps and MOOCs are a way for people who want to break into the tech field and build their skill sets quickly, without mortgaging their financial health. Courses can cost anywhere from $200 per month to $10,000 for an eight-week intensive or more – still far less than the cost of a university education. Students can graduate from a bootcamp or MOOC within a matter of weeks or even months, as opposed to years. This means they can enter the job market and start earning money in a lucrative field, fast.

Are College Degrees Still Valuable?

Given the benefits of bootcamps and MOOCs, are college degrees even still relevant in today’s market? The short answer is yes. There are still many roles at many organizations that require a four-year degree. The purpose of a university degree is to graduate with a well-rounded education that teaches you many perspectives and ideas that are valuable in the workplace.

College degrees are often required if you want to advance your career. While you may be able to take on a supervisory role with years of experience, advancing into upper management and working in fields like business intelligence often require advanced degrees.

So Which is Best For You?

Only you can determine the path that is most worthwhile for your career. Bootcamps and MOOCs are often an ideal choice for recent high school graduates who aren’t quite sure where they want to take their careers, but know they want to be in the tech business.

Bootcamps and MOOCs are also valuable for people who have degrees in other fields and want to break into technology. Rather than earning a second degree, they can simply immerse themselves in the field for a few weeks and emerge with a whole new set of marketable skills.

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