Basic Skills You’re Probably Forgetting to Add to Your Tech Resume

The tech field is all about what’s new and exciting. It’s important to keep your resume updated with your most recent skills, but it’s also important to include some “basic” skills that every employer is looking for.  You may assume that a hiring manager knows your such skills, but your resume is all about painting a clear picture of who you are as a professional. Don’t forget to include these important skills on your resume.

Soft Skills

Tech professionals do not work in isolation. You are a part of a functional technical team, but you must also interact with other members of the organization and you may even have to work directly with clients and end-users. Don’t forget to address key soft skills like written communication, flexibility, and creativity in your resume.

Project Management

Even if you aren’t going after a role as a PM, project management skills show that you have leadership ability, that you are organized, and that you have the ability to see a project from a high-level view and you consider everyone’s contributions, not just your own. You don’t have to get certified as a project manager, but if you have taken classes or have experience in Lean, Agile, Scrum, etc., include them on your resume. If you don’t have such experience, there are many online classes you can take to beef up your resume.


Like project management, design isn’t a skill that every tech role requires, but it does show hiring managers that you have an eye for design. Understanding design lends itself to a variety of tech roles, so don’t be shy when listing out design experience or classes on your resume, even if it doesn’t seem immediately relevant.

Presentation Experience

Presentation skills aren’t necessarily tech skills, but they show that you are an active member of the professional community. If you’ve ever sat on a panel, ran a webinar, or presented to local business groups, tout that experience loudly and proudly on your resume. Branded experts are extremely attractive to companies who need every edge in the market. Acting as a presenter can also be your pathway to all-expenses-paid trips to represent a new employer at valuable industry conferences.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Technology is now a driver of strategic success. This means that candidates who have specific industry experience are more valuable than those who have hopped from industry to industry. If you’ve spent your career in a single vertical, you know how your work impacts an organization and helps it maintain a competitive edge. While this is not a specific “skill,” it is extremely valuable. Make sure to highlight industry expertise and position yourself as a true expert.

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