How AI Will Personalize Our Workday

Artificial intelligence (AI) is effectively taking the business world by storm. While much of the focus is on how it can handle a variety of tasks, removing the need for a person to manage duties that are repetitive in nature, AI will also create opportunities on another level.

AI has the ability to personalize an employee’s workday, increasing their level of efficiency. If you are wondering how this will be accomplished, here’s what you need to know.

A Guiding Light

Managers and employees often have to adapt to new technologies in the workplace. The tech world changes quickly, and not everyone is confident in their ability to keep up, regardless of any training that is provided.

AI has the ability to streamline the adoption of new technology, essentially serving as a guiding light as workers become familiar with a system.

Similar to the concept behind chatbots, an AI can be designed as a responsive and intuitive chauffer. These technologies can learn from a user’s behavior, allowing it to steer them to the information they need when they need it. Ultimately, this lowers the barrier associated with adopting new tech, increasing efficiency and allowing the person to become productive faster.

Effective Training

Similarly, an AI can be created to replace other forms of training. Instead of having every employee take a seat in a classroom, they can use the technology to review required information.

In some cases, these solutions can be designed to adjust to the worker’s current knowledge level, allowing them to speed through topics they already know well and spend more time on areas where they are less familiar.

Plus, an AI can often be updated with the latest information quickly. This means that all training materials can be kept up-to-date with ease, something that isn’t always easy to do with physical manuals or guides that would have to be reprinted.

Flexible Pacing

People learn new information at different speeds, which can make certain approaches to information distribution less than ideal for some, even if others find it sufficient. Instead of presenting new details in a classroom or email, an AI can take the information and present it at a pace that is ideal for the individual.

Additionally, when the presentations are sectioned, a person can come and go when necessary. This allows a person to ingest small portions of the information at a time, ensuring that they can remain productive should the need arise.

In the end, AI holds a lot of potential for personalizing certain aspects of the work experience, giving managers and employees a chance to review critical information with greater ease and at a time that is right for them.

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