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Agile and DevOps Work Better Together

Agile and DevOps Work Better Together – Here’s Why

Devotees of Agile follow the methodology to improve customer experience in software development, and disciples of DevOps tout its facilitation of collaboration to speed up the development process. Both methodologies help organizations achieve their goals, but a recent study found that as powerful as Agile or DevOps can be on their own, they make an even greater impact when used together.


What Happens When DevOps And Agile Step Out Of Their Silos?

The study,  published by CA Technologies, found that 75% of companies that use Agile reported a 67% improvement in their customer experience and a 42% increase in productivity. Companies relying on DevOps reported a 38% increase in revenue from new streams discovered in the DevOps process and saw a 51% increase in employee productivity.

The study also examined how companies that combined Agile and DevOps fared in comparison to companies that relied on one or the other. Their results found that combining DevOps and Agile in a complementary way led to a 41% increase in operational efficiency, a 45% increase in productivity, a 63% acceleration in overall business growth, and raised customer satisfaction by nearly 30% and customer experience by 78%.

Interestingly, combining the two also had a significant impact on the ability to recruit and retain talent within the organization. A staggering 75% of the companies surveyed said they saw improvement in their recruitment and retention numbers when using Agile together with DevOps.


Leveraging DevOps and Agile For Success

Many companies don’t think about using DevOps and Agile together, mainly because each one tends to exist in its own silo. Typically, Agile teams aren’t invested in what happens to their software once it is released. They close the project and get going on their next sprint. DevOps is more about deploying the software, and they are not typically invested in whether or not the Agile methodology was used. Historically, one had very little to do with the other.

However, both DevOps and Agile focus on providing value to the customer, faster. Therefore, it makes sense that breaking down those silos and pairing the two to complement each other would yield significant improvement. DevOps can help Agile reach goals with speed and efficiency while Agile can complement DevOps in terms of improved customer experience.

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