The 9 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in the U.S.

As a technology professional, you know that demand for your skills and corresponding salaries have shot upward over the last several years. Employers are scrambling to fill their teams with the best and brightest who will keep their systems running smoothly, deliver new products and services, and keep them on the forefront of innovation. According to data compiled by Glassdoor, these are the nine hottest jobs in the market today

1. Information Systems Manager

Median National Salary: $106,000

Information Systems Managers implement the technology within an organization. They direct the work of other IT professionals on the team, and in order to succeed, ISMs must have sharp technical skills. However, they must also have a solid grasp of business concepts in order to understand how technology drives organizational success.

2. Analytics Manager

Median National Salary: $106,000

Analytics Managers play a critical role in helping organizational leaders make strategic, data-driven decisions. Since executives in the C-Suite often lack technical knowledge, AMs must be able to convert data into formats that are easy to understand among those who don’t speak the language of data and statistics. Analytics Managers should also be well-versed in the industry in which they work so that they can see how their analysis fit into the “big picture” of company strategy.

3. Data Architect

Median National Salary: $113,000

Data Architects design, implement and manage an organization’s data architecture. Architects work very closely with company leadership and must possess high-level mathematics, business intelligence and computer science knowledge. They must also be able to communicate clearly and effectively with those who operate outside of the IT realm.

4. Data Scientist

Median National Salary $116,000

Holding advanced degrees in subjects like statistics, mathematics and computer science, data scientists are at the center of a company’s business intelligence strategy. They are tasked with researching, designing, implementing and validating the algorithms used to analyze and synthesize diverse data sources in order to drive and support organizational objectives.

5. Systems Architect

Median National Salary: $116,920

Systems Architects work with a variety of organizational stakeholders understand all the needs of a specific project. They determine design possibilities and alternatives, and identify and analyze the constraints or obstacles that might impede system design. The responsibilities of SAs vary significantly from company to company based on size and IT objectives.

6. Applications Development Manager

Median National Salary: $120,000

Applications Development Managers oversee the entire development process, which can include development methodologies, databases, hardware/software testing and overall project management. A diverse skill set and the ability to navigate multiple (and often divergent) priorities is a necessity for success.

7. Solutions Architect

Median National Salary: $120,000

Solutions Architects translate requirements into the IT architecture and design. This often involves selecting the most appropriate technology for the problem or situation of focus. They must be adept at balancing the needs of the company against the requirements of the technology.

8. IT Manager

Median National Salary: $120,000

IT Managers recruit, direct and motivate the IT staff. Successful managers possess a thorough knowledge of systems, policies, and technological solutions. They work to support both the goals and strategies of the company or organization while simultaneously supporting the team they manage.

9. Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

Median National Salary: $127,500

An IC Design Engineer participates in the discussion of specifications needed for a project, the architecture selection, and also translates specifications into electrical schematics. This is a highly technical position that requires an advanced degree and demonstrated expertise in both electronics engineering and computer engineering.

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