8 IT Roles to Pursue if You Want More Money This Year

In today’s tech market, IT professionals are in the position to write their own tickets in terms of responsibility and salary. Employers are plagued by a well-documented skill gap, which means companies large and small are fighting to attract the best and brightest candidates with high-level qualifications.  Here are eight roles that are currently in high demand with salary data compiled from Indeed and Salary.com. As you peruse the list, keep in mind that salaries vary significantly from location to location and company to company.

Wireless Network Engineers

The meteoric rise of the cloud and mobile technology has created strong demand for wireless network engineers. Security and reliability of those networks is an absolute priority, and thus, demand for wireless network engineers is rising steadily. Nationally, wireless network engineers earn a median salary of $95,000, with upper-level salaries nearing $150,000.

Data Scientists

Data scientists extract meaning from data, and they typically hold advanced degrees in one or more of the following: computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics and machine learning. The demand for data scientists is climbing yet the available pool of skilled professionals remains stagnant, creating a skill gap and a spike in data science salaries. Currently, the national median salary is $118,000, with a ceiling of around $153,000.  According to Analytics magazine, top-level data science managers have seen an 8% increase in base salary over the last year with median bonuses of nearly $56,000.

Big Data Engineers

Data scientists rarely speak the same “language” as end-users. Enter big data engineers, the all-important liaison between these two worlds. They are responsible for helping data scientists understand business objectives and then translating big data initiatives into workflow. As more companies begin to rely on big data, engineers will see an increase in-demand for their skills and an increase in salary. Currently, the average range for big data engineer salaries range from $100,000 on the low end to $183,500 on the high end.

Mobile Applications Developers

Since 2012, there has been a boom in mobile app development.  Companies in all industries have expanded their mobile initiatives and demand for highly-skilled developers is on the rise. According to data tracked by Indeed.com, mobile app salaries are averaging $110,000, nearly 90% higher than average salaries for all jobs posted nationwide.

Content Strategists

Given the number of channels through which companies connect with customers, content creators and developers must have a keen sense of the ways in which content drives business goals. They must be able to “read” analytics and predict how an audience will behave today, tomorrow and in the future. As content creation becomes a more mainstream practice, the need for skilled strategists will remain high, and salaries will continue to rise. Right now, the variance in annual salary is high. some reports show an annual average of $72,000, while Indeed data points higher at $110,000.

Multimedia Designers

Digital strategies and initiatives are high priorities, and multimedia designers produce electronic and interactive communications for the web, mobile, and more. Professionals must have a mix of tech skill and creative expertise, and that balance can sometimes be difficult to find, a circumstance that is driving salaries upward. The current national average salary is around $57,500.

User Experience (UX) Specialists

An application is utterly worthless if end-users struggle to work with it. User Experience specialists are hyper-focused on developing products, apps and services that are simple to use, yet effective.  This is another hybrid role that can be difficult for employers to fill. Candidates must possess technical skills, but they must also be adept at design and research analysis. Currently, UX specialists can earn around $82,000 on the low end of the pay scale and $120,000 on the high end.

User Interface (UI) Developers

These developers make applications “happen.” UI developers have to meet usability and accessibility standards while allowing end-users to achieve their goals.  According to Indeed, salaries for UI developers have climbed steadily since 2013, and with an average salary of $101,000 these positions pace 77% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.


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