These 6 Traits Will Help You Hire Your Next Great Leader

Successful companies are powered by successful leaders who bring out the best in their employees. It is important to identify some critical qualities when interviewing leadership candidates to determine whether they can help you steer the ship towards success. These are six of the most important traits that can help you identify and hire your next great leader.

A Commitment To Quality

Effective leaders aren’t just focused on checking items off their list – they are focused on doing those things well. People who focus on the quality of the end result no matter the task will install that same passion for quality in their teams. You can identify commitment to quality by asking for specific examples of work that showcases their quality, and through conversations with references.

A Passion For Growth

Someone who is content to keep their skillset and knowledge base where it is today cannot lead effectively. True leaders are in a constant quest for professional and personal growth and development. They also do not rely solely on their employer in this regard. They read industry-related publications, belong to professional groups, attend conferences, take classes, etc. Ask candidates how they develop their skills outside of work hours to see how serious they are about learning.

An Engaging Personality

Your employees will not want to put their best foot forward for a leader they do not like. Effective leaders motivate people to action and inspire people to do their best work. This requires an engaging personality that attracts people to them, rather than pushing them away. This does not mean you should always look for an extrovert, however. Introverts can be just an engaging once they are comfortable with the people around them. Do your best to keep interviews conversational to help draw out candidates’ natural personalities.

Emotional Intelligence

In today’s business environment, leaders must possess empathy and they must have the ability to adjust their emotions and their approach to the people around them. Interpersonal skills should be a non-negotiable trait in any leadership candidate. Ask behavioral questions to pull out evidence that a candidate possesses strong emotional intelligence.

Strong Decision-Making Abilities

Leaders cannot afford to suffer from paralysis by analysis. They must be able to assess a situation quickly and effectively and take decisive action without fear of making a mistake. That’s not to say they should be reckless, but they should be able to work through complicated problems methodically and efficiently. Ask candidates to describe a time they were faced with a tricky problem and how they worked their way through it.

A Desire For Feedback

Leaders also know that if they wish to grow and develop, they need to know how their bosses, peers and employees feel about the job they are doing.  Look for signs that candidates actively give and solicit feedback. Ask candidates to describe the last time they sought feedback and how they reacted to it.

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