These 6 Tips Lead to Greater IT Job Security

In today’s competitive environment there is never a 100% guarantee of job security.  There are a number of factors outside your control that can lead to a job loss like budget cuts, company buyouts or a shift in organizational focus. However, if your company is in a stable position, there are some things you can do to help you achieve “irreplaceable” status.

  1. Brush Up On The Basics

In IT, the focus is always on learning new skills and staying ahead of the curve. But it is equally important to keep your basic, core skills sharp. You will be a valuable member of the team if you can step up when there is an issue with things like IP subnetting, cable routing, desktop administration, printing, application management, etc. Even if they fall far below your current skillset, it never hurts to brush up on
the basics.

  1. Share Your Great Ideas

You likely have some great ideas about how to improve processes, increase efficiencies, eliminate redundancies and ultimately save or make money for your organization. Don’t sit on those ideas; share them.  They may not get implemented, but showing that you’re thinking about the success of IT and the company as a whole reinforces the fact that you care about the mission of the organization.

  1. Promote IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t a trend – it’s the future of IT. If your organization isn’t getting on board the IoT train, do what you can to lead the charge, because companies that are slow to adopt these advancements will get left behind.  It isn’t necessary to unveil a plan to get every aspect of the business online, but you can choose a few strategic areas that will save money over the long run, thus making your proposal more about the business than the technology. For example, propose smart thermostats, and come armed with data on just how much the company can save.  Again, this shows your commitment to the organization while adding a little more security for the IT team.


6 Tips for Greater IT Job Security


  1. Become A Master Communicator

IT still has a reputation for not “playing well” with others. This is a holdover from the old days when IT teams were relegated to the server room and they only interacted with other departments when printers went offline or someone got locked out of their email.  Today, tech teams must collaborate with other departments on a regular basis. Become the tech team member everyone likes to talk to. Be helpful, be available, and learn to communicate effectively in person and through email with the non-technical members of the organization.

  1. Learn The Business

IT decisions impact the organization as a whole. Learn what you can about the industry you are in and the way in which your work impacts the company in the marketplace. More and more employers are looking for IT professionals who have strong business acumen, so start reading, shadowing others, and asking questions to become more involved in the business side of technology.

  1. Position Yourself for Success

If you are a talented IT professional but you’re worried that your skills are not being utilized properly or that you aren’t in a position to grow, you will become disengaged in your work, which can impact your value to the organization. Sometimes, if you want to achieve stability, you’ve got to shake things up yourself.

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